Everton Reveal New Crest for 2013/14 After Fan Vote

Mark PattersonUK Staff WriterOctober 3, 2013

Everton have confirmed their new club crest after their members were given a choice of three to choose from.

The new design, the club said on their website, had been backed by more than 78% of the vote.

Everton's Director of Communications, Alan Myers, said:

I'd like to thank all supporters who took part in an extensive crest redesign process.
Everton listened to its fans and the fans have spoken. I look forward to seeing the crest on the shirt, the stadium, merchandise and the website.

There had been three choices for fans to select from, as we reported last week:


Interestingly, our poll also turned up the same result as Crest 1 was backed, but the margins were considerably smaller.


Just 43 percent of over 4,000 votes went to the first option, with Crest 2 a close second with nearly 37.4 percent of the vote.

The new crest will be used from next season, replacing the current unpopular design after just one year's use.

Everton have helpfully drawn up a series of mock-ups on the club website to help fans picture how it will look.

Here's an example on the exterior of Goodison Park.

Everton official website
Everton official website