Volleyball Player Saves Point with Awesome Kick

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 2, 2013

As it turns out, kicking a volleyball can be very impressive. 

Thanks to Reddit, we have this video of one volleyball player who refused to give up on a play and utilized quick thinking and deft kicking to keep the ball alive. 

And also provided the Internet with one wonderful video. 

According to the Youtube description, this moment comes from the 2013 Tournament of Champions taking place in St. Louis. 

St. James Academy, Kan., and Bishop Kelley, Okla., are locked in an apparent battle when the ball finds St. James' Brie Lewis who is wearing No. 2. 

She goes low to make a fantastic dig, but the ball is immediately bumped back to her from her teammate. Really, it's all reflexes at this point, and Lewis kicks the ball to keep the play alive, eventually leading to her team winning the point. 

Those taking a jaunt through the Reddit thread will find the usual banter at how this isn't all that special of a move.

And then there are some who remind us that kicking the ball is a perfectly legal tactic in the sport. In all, it's worth your time if only to see a similar play from Stanford's men's team in 2009. 

To the cynics, we say go get a hug from someone immediately. To the rest of you, enjoy what we consider to be a pretty darn impressive display of athleticism. 

Lewis never once gave up on the play and her tenacity paid off during the game and, as it were, well after the fact. Because something tells me you Internet denizens will enjoy seeing remarkable feats of athleticism. 

Remember, never give up, never surrender


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