Gymnast Sets Record for Lowest Backflip of All Time

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterOctober 2, 2013

Doing a backflip is cool. Being able to do one inside of an air duct is even cooler.

It’s unclear whether or not this man actually managed to set a record for lowest backflip, but it certainly looks close.

Video of the flip was spotted by Jake O’Donnell of Sports Grid, who asserts that we have no idea what is going on here, except that this young man appears to be attempting a world record for lowest backflip.

Judging from the setup, it’s definitely some sort of record attempt. This man’s buddy has a yard stick held up and photographers are on hand to record the flip. 

Doing a standing backflip is difficult, but doing one from the fetal position is a whole other beast. This man goes full Smeagol while attempting his record—curling up and heaving away. He launches, lands and appears none too pleased with his effort despite the fact he just did something completely amazing.

This guy might just be bummed, because in his heart of hearts, he knows he’ll never be able to get lower or be cooler than this backflipping monkey on stilts. 

None of us will ever come anywhere close to being as awesome as this Japanese macaque. 

But despair not, little gymnast guy. Even if you cannot get your world record, Tom Cruise will always need stunt help for Mission Impossible IX 


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