Formula One: Bring on the Aerodynamic Updates!

Sheiban ShakeriSenior Analyst IApril 16, 2008

Formula One returns to Europe, and with testing at the Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona.

After the three flyaway races in Australia, Malaysia and Bahrain, the teams begin to add aerodynamic updates in their first test here.

The most interesting and sometimes the wacky updates are found here. Some make it onto the car as a permanent change, while others just see testing as their moment to shine.

One such update was the Ferrari F2008 "nose-hole" that was tested out by Felipe Massa. Essentially, it's an open hole on the upper part of the F2008's nose. A radical design improvement, but it pales in comparison to what will be talked about next.

The wackiest update of all this test session is the Renault R28  "shark fin" that currently graces the engine cover of the RB4, and looks to make itself a permanent edition on the R28. We've seen it before, but for some reason, it's a really odd thing to look at. But, if Red Bull are keeping it, then there has to be some merit to it.

Fernando Alonso, the double world champion and new boy Nelson Piquet Jr. are in charge of testing this and many other updates to their car.

Overall, Alonso was optimistic saying, "we are certainly improving the car." However, his optimism was cautious, "We managed to do 119 laps, which is two race distances, and we are quite happy, but there is more to do tomorrow."

Overall, the team was optimistic, and they look forward to the upcoming Grands Prix in the upcoming weeks.

So, radical nose, radical tail, testing on slicks, what's next? 

Photography Credit: World © Hartley/Sutton