WWE Battleground 2013: Biggest Wild Cards Heading into the Pay-Per-View

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WWE Battleground 2013: Biggest Wild Cards Heading into the Pay-Per-View
Big Show cries for the 20th time. (from WWE.com)

There are quite a few wild cards as we head into WWE’s Battleground pay-per-view, which will help liven up what will be an otherwise average B show.

Indeed, many major plots points seem to hinge on what happens Sunday.

The storyline with The Big Show and the McMahons will likely develop some more. As seen on Monday’s Raw, Big Show is an erratic, emotional mess right now—he’s liable to do anything.

Will he finally stand up to Triple H and Stephanie at Battleground and reclaim his dignity? Or will WWE swerve us and have him turn heel—possibly by costing Daniel Bryan the title in the main event—revealing that he has, in fact, been aligned with The Corporation all along?

What will Big Show do at the pay-per-view? (from WWE.com)

If nothing else, at least it would give us a break from Big Show’s constant weeping and hysterics.

There could be other surprising turns on the show, too.

Bryan and Brie Bella’s real-life relationship has inevitably made its way into the storyline. A distraught Brie—well, she was meant to look distraught; her mediocre acting meant that instead she just looked bored—was even present for Randy Orton’s brutal beatdown of her boyfriend at the end of Monday’s Raw.

It’s possible, maybe even likely, that Brie and her two facial expressions will make an appearance during Sunday’s main event, too.

Could she end up turning on Bryan? It sounds like a long shot, and it would be difficult to fit in with Total Divas’ continuity, but this is wrestling. Girlfriends turning heel on their boyfriends is WWE 101.

Brie Bella, now involved in main event angles. (from WWE.com)

Manager Ricardo Rodriguez is another candidate to turn heel at the pay-per-view, a shift that could take place in the World Heavyweight Championship match.

Let’s be honest: The new Rob Van Dam/Ricardo alliance makes no sense whatsoever.

They aren’t exactly brimming with chemistry as a duo, either. Their partnership comes off as exactly what it is: two performers with nothing in common who have randomly been thrown together because WWE’s creative crew can’t think of anything else to do with them.

That Del Rio has continued to struggle as World Heavyweight champion—Ricardo was the only genuinely great part of his entire act—is another strong argument for a turn.

Del Rio needs Ricardo back (from WWE.com).

Really, Ricardo going heel, costing Van Dam the belt and re-aligning with Alberto Del Rio is the only logical choice here.

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It might not save Del Rio’s title run—at this point, maybe nothing will—but it will at least help get the star back on the right track.

We can be reasonably sure of one thing: There are going to be a few surprises and storyline developments at the pay-per-view. That may truly be the only appealing thing about the bland buildup and the painfully average card.

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