9-Year-Old Runs Back Touchdown After Rather Questionable Onside-Kick Strategy

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What's that they say about putting all of your eggs in one basket?

Whatever it is, they really need to talk to the coach about putting all of his players in one section of the field, because the obvious just happened. 

Bob's Blitz brings us this video of one nine-year-old kid's wonderful moment. As the YouTube description explains, "On a Bounce for the ages Kyle takes an onside kick to the house for his 1st Touchdown for the Sophomore Patriots in the KFL (Kingwood Football League)." 

Showing solid hands and quick thinking, young Kyle Schmitt grabs the kick and darts towards the end zone for youth football glory. 

If you look closely, you can almost see a trail of smoke where this little speed demon takes off. He's like the Road Runner in pads. 

Aside from the awesome return, the second-most intriguing portion of the video comes before the ball is even kicked. The team in the dark jerseys attempts to form Voltron by coming together in one menacing mass of football legends. In fact, we haven't seen such an audacious play since the Annexation of Puerto Rico. 

Sadly, things don't work out as well for these adorable youngsters as they did for Danny O'Shea's Little Giants

The kicker boots the ball to the side of the field where Schmitt awaits to make his mark on the football world. Behind the camera, you can hear someone mutter, "Oh no."

We'd like to think things were far different in Schmitt's rooting section, because the Capri Suns will be flowing like champagne for his team after the game. 

Any upcoming opponents would be wise to use this clip to game-plan and stick someone on this Kyle kid, because I hear he's pretty good. 


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