Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton: Bold Predictions for Battleground Fight

Bryan Haas@@thehaastileoneFeatured ColumnistOctober 2, 2013

Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton: Bold Predictions for Battleground Fight

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    courtesy of wwe.com
    courtesy of wwe.com

    With Battleground on the horizon, one of the hottest contested feuds has to center around the WWE title picture, which currently pits Randy Orton against Daniel Bryan.

    Week after week, the two seem to engage in a game of one-upmanship that ultimately ends up with one competitor standing over the other.

    Add in the fact that Orton made the entire thing that much more personal this week on Raw. By bringing Bryan's fiance Brie Bella into the equation by first intimidating her in a backstage segment, and then brutally attacking Bryan right in front of her, Orton has planted the seeds for the makings of a brutal encounter between the two.

    But as all wrestling fans know, no match with this much at stake is ever won in a normal fashion. And this match could end up ending in a very controversial finish.

Scott Armstrong Will Make His Return

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    courtesy of wwe.com
    courtesy of wwe.com

    Yes, Armstrong was "fired" several weeks ago, but don't most of the guys that leave the company always come crawling back?

    But counting out Orton too fast at Night of Champions may soon lead to Armstrong doing the same to Bryan at Battleground. And it stands to reason that the McMahons would not have an issue with that outcome.

    In fact, they will likely be the ones behind the sketchy event and the disgraced officials' return.

Bryan Will Win the WWE Title in Convincing Fashion

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    courtesy of wwe.com
    courtesy of wwe.com

    Yes, this is an unlikely outcome, but there is no denying that the response for Bryan's third WWE title win in a little bit over a month would certainly please the WWE Universe.

    And though the McMahons likely have some type of sinister plan for him, Bryan has the technical skills, charisma and the all important support of the crowd that could lead him to a title victory at Battleground.

The Big Show Will Factor into the Finish of the Match

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    courtesy of wwe.com
    courtesy of wwe.com

    It seems as if the Big Show has become the company's resident crybaby of late, but it is all for good reason.

    Stuck between a rock and hard place, Show has been forced against his will to do the McMahon's bidding, whatever that entails week to week.

    The family always seems to have some hideous plan up their sleeve, and their newest one may include the World's Largest Athlete costing Bryan the WWE title.

    Of course it is also possible that Battleground will be the event where Show finally stands up for himself, and could just as easily end up knocking out Orton, leading to Bryan winning the title for the third time in a bit over a month.

Brie Bella Will Cost Daniel Bryan the Match

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    courtesy of wwe.com
    courtesy of wwe.com

    Frankly, no would see this coming.

    Bella and Bryan's love has been well documented in a social media setting, as well as being increasingly discussed on WWE programming in recent months.

    Their romance is also a major storyline in the E! reality series Total Divas.

    Bella is involved in her own title match at Battleground, taking on AJ Lee for the Divas title.

    But what is to stop her from coming out at an opportune moment in the WWE title match and screwing her fiance out of his chance to win the belt?

    It would create a red hot storyline coming out of a relatively minor pay per view and could carry on as long as the material stayed fresh, possibly leading to other superstars like Nikki Bella, John Cena or others becoming involved in a private relationship that has become increasingly public.