Best GIFs from NFL Week 4

Best GIFs from NFL Week 4

Another Sunday of the 2013 NFL season is complete, and it didn't disappoint, giving us great action across the league.

Here are the best GIFs from NFL Week 4.

Marshawn Lynch goes full Beast Mode

Dexter McCluster leaves bodies on the ground during an 89-yard touchdown

Raiders rookie Mychal Rivera does "The Terio" after his first career touchdown

Bills security guard isn't excited by touchdowns (via Deadspin)

Aqib Talib "Ain't Worried About Nothin"

Knowshon Moreno celebrates a touchdown run with rock, paper, scissors

Geno Smith finding new ways to fumble

Tom Brady says hi to his mom 

A creative fake punt from the Raiders

Reggie Bush hurdles a defender

Roy Helu Jr. also gets his hurdle on

Nick Fairley wins the chest bump battle with Ndamukong Suh (via Deadspin

Bob Kraft showing Floyd Mayweather his punching skills

Nate Washington goes over a ref and Antonio Cromartie for a TD

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