Miami Heat Media Day 2013: Photos, Interviews and Takeaways

Adam Fromal@fromal09National NBA Featured ColumnistSeptember 30, 2013

MIAMI, FL - JUNE 20:  (L-R) Dwyane Wade
Jesse D. Garrabrant/Getty Images

The Miami Heat's 2013-14 season is going to be filled with plenty of intriguing storylines, but a couple came to the forefront of the national attention during the team's media day. 

As you might have expected, the reporters came firing away with plenty of questions. Some inquiries received legitimate answers—like LeBron James on his free-throw shooting, for example—while others were deflected away by a shield comprised of stock answers. 

From LeBron's impending free agency to the health of Greg Oden, let's dive into the key takeaways: 


Not Even a Hint about 2014 Free Agency

Much to the surprise of absolutely no one, this was a key topic of conversation no matter who was at the podium. 

Erik Spoelstra refused to discuss the future, instead revealing that he believed the Heat were better trained for this type of distraction than any other team in the NBA. Dwyane Wade wouldn't talk about his own plans, and he took umbrage to being asked about LeBron's. 

And as for the MVP, he just didn't think it was an appropriate topic of conversation. 

Anyone shocked by this?


Spoelstra's Suit Game

According to D-Wade, it's awful.

Fortunately, the extension the head coach received should allow him to rebuild his wardrobe. 

I can't be the only one hoping that Craig Sager is a major influence. 


Dwyane Wade is Looking Good

After Spo addressed Wade's status during the postseason, "revealing" that he was playing hurt and performing when most others would sit out, everyone started looking ahead. 

Although Wade will be taking it easy during training camp, the consensus opinion is that he's in great shape and looking forward to a healthy season. 

Wade also indicated that he was perfectly fine serving as a second option and went so far as to say that he's one of the only second options in the league who can average 20 points. Considering Miami only got over the hump when he accepted this role, that's good news for the three-peat dreams. 


Greg Oden and Michael Beasley

No one is sure what to expect from these two. 

They're viewed as luxury items, but players like Udonis Haslem are still expecting a lot while trying to keep the latter out of trouble. 

No firm timetable has been given for the big man from Ohio State, but he'd like to play on opening night. And while no one else in the organization would make that sort of statement, it seems as though he'll continue rehabbing and working his way back into the NBA at a rather slow pace. 

There are certainly encouraging signs, though.

Beasley says he's more mature and focused, and Oden has already lost 40 pounds with a plan to continue shedding weight and easing the burden on his knees. 


LeBron James' Game

LeBron has a weird set of goals. 

He wants to improve his free-throw shooting, but he also wants to temper the expectations. Eighty percent is realistic, but 90 percent is apparently out of the question. 

As for his status among the greatest players of all time, he simply wants to be the best. You know, because that's easier than shooting 90 percent at the charity stripe.

He wants to surpass Michael Jordan and everyone else, and while he acknowledges that he's far away from that goal, he can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Oh, and he's apparently improved every part of his game, which would be rather terrifying for the rest of the NBA. 



Get ready for an exciting season in South Beach, and prepare yourself to hear "three-peat" with alarming frequency throughout the 2013-14 season.