Wilson Kipsang Breaks Marathon Record in Berlin, Picture Ruined by Idiot

Mark PattersonUK Staff WriterSeptember 30, 2013

Wilson Kipsang broke the world marathon record in Berlin on Sunday by an incredible 15 seconds, taking the time down to two hours, three minutes and 23 seconds—but his moment was spoiled by an opportunist who jumped out of the crowd and took the tape before him.

To make matters worse, the man was also wearing a shirt promoting a prostitution website.

Per Eurosport:

To make the moment all the more unsavoury, the intruder used the occasion to promote a sleazy website that looks to connect prostitutes with "gentlemen with high demands."

We've blurred out the message on his shirt, and the reaction to his stunt has been one of condemnation from the press.

Sport 24 in South Africa, for instance, dub the intruder a "sex PR idiot," while a report in Kipsang's native Kenya suggests that the man has subsequently been charged by police.

A Berlin police spokesman confirmed to SID, an AFP subsidiary, that the man has been charged with trespassing and has subsequently been banned from future events run by the Berlin marathon’s organisers.

Security will doubtless be questioned following the incident, too—it is only months since the Boston Marathon bombings, which prompted marathon organisers around the world to review their security measures to prevent similar disasters.

However, none of this detracts from the remarkable run of the new world-record holder.

"I'm very happy that I have won and broken the world record," Kipsang said in a televised interview after the race.

"I was really inspired by Paul Tergat when he broke the world record here 10 years ago and I'm very happy that I was in a position to break the record on the same course."