WWE Power Rankings for 9/29/2013

Alex Musso@amusso18Featured ColumnistSeptember 30, 2013

WWE Power Rankings for 9/29/2013

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    Once again, it's time for the weekly Power Rankings.  This week, a group jumps back into the top 10 and a champion drops out of the rankings.  There was other movement as well, but we'll come back to that in a few minutes.

    In case you're new, here's how these rankings work:

    Holding a championship, being No. 1 contender or having a Money in the Bank briefcase counts for much of the rankings.  Wins and losses account for much of the week-to-week movement.  A win at SummerSlam will take on added importance this week.

    Only the top 10 are ranked, and every other wrestler is unranked.  Wrestlers on the Watch List were considered for top-10 status but ultimately were nixed.  They, too, are unranked. 

    Now that that's taken care of, on to the Watch List.

Watch List

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    This week, there are three wrestlers on the Watch List.  


    AJ Lee

    AJ had a mixed week.  She lost in a 10-Diva tag team match on Raw, but she got a win over Cameron on SmackDown.  The reigning Diva's champion will likely have a match at Battleground, but the opponent is still a mystery.


    Damien Sandow

    Just like in recent weeks, Sandow keeps losing.  This week, he lost to The Big Show on Main Event.  If not for the Money in the Bank contract he holds, he wouldn't even be worthy of the Watch List.


    Curtis Axel

    Curtis Axel finally dropped out of the top 10.  It's clear now that he's not up to the task of competing with top-tier talent like CM Punk and has taken a back seat to Ryback in Paul Heyman's stable.  He's still Intercontinental champion, and a big win would likely put him back in the top 10.  He just has to get the wins he once did.

No. 10: The Wyatt Family

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    Previous Rank: Watch List

    Movement: N/A

    After dropping out of the top 10 a few weeks ago, the Wyatts break back in with some much-needed wins.  On Raw, Rowan and Harper defeated the Prime Time Players, though the Prime Time Players put up a good fight.

    Then on SmackDown, Bray Wyatt made a rare appearance in the ring with a convincing win over Zack Ryder.  The Wyatts needed some wins, and not just to climb the rankings.  After kidnapping Kane, they were mostly idle.  Because of that, they dropped.  

    With these wins, they reassert themselves as a dominant force in WWE.

No. 9: The Usos

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    Previous Rank: 9

    Movement: N/A

    The Usos debuted in the top 10 last week, and they hold steady this week at No. 9.  On Raw, the helped defeat The Shield in an 11-on-3 elimination tag team match and were not pinned in the match.  Then they defeated Fandango and Big E Langston in a tag match on Main Event.

    The Usos are helping lead a revival of the tag team division and are currently the No. 1 contenders for the WWE Tag Team Championships.  If they can defeat The Shield in a few weeks, they will jump up in the rankings.  This week, though, they remain at No. 9.

No. 8: CM Punk

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    Previous Rank: 7

    Movement: Down 1

    CM Punk just can't get over his obsession with Paul Heyman.  And this week, it cost him.  Punk again had no matches this week, but he did cut a promo.  During that promo, Paul Heyman came out and taunted him as well as the Chicago crowd.

    But Heyman had set a trap, and when it appeared the motorized scooter Heyman was using had broke, Punk tried to attack him.  The trap was sprung, and Ryback and Curtis Axel assaulted him.  Punk tried to fight back, but to no avail.

    Because of his beating and the lack of matches, CM Punk drops one spot to No. 8.

No. 7: The Big Show

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    Previous Rank: 8

    Movement: Up 1

    Big Show is in a tough spot.  His business ventures failed and now he's broke.  That has given Stephanie McMahon and Triple H leverage over the World's Largest Athlete, and he's not happy about that.

    But while he may not like being a pawn of the Triple H regime, he's increasingly showing less and less hesitancy in carrying out his orders.  He knocked out The Miz without a second thought and destroyed Damien Sandow on Main Event.

    Big Show is looking unstoppable, and he's a great if unwilling weapon in the arsenal of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.  

No. 6: The Shield

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    Previous Rank: 6

    Movement: N/A

    The Shield may need to rethink its allegiance to Triple H.  Some might argue that the 11-on-3 elimination tag team match was punishment, or at the very least, it was not in the best interest of what appears to be Triple H's personal security force.  

    The trio lost that match but got a big win over Kofi Kingston, Dolph Ziggler and Rob Van Dam in a six-man tag match on SmackDown.  With that win, they hold steady this week at No. 6.

No. 5: Ryback

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    Previous Rank: 5

    Movement: N/A

    Ryback may not have done much this week, but he did put a solid beatdown on CM Punk on Raw.  Aside form that, though, there just isn't much else to report for Ryback this week.

    This coming week, we should see Ryback be in some matches.  Matches he should win.  For this week, he stays put at No. 5.

No. 4: Rob Van Dam

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    Previous Rank: 3

    Movement: Down 1

    Rob Van Dam had a less-than-ideal week.  He fought Randy Orton on Raw to a double count-out, after which RVD was beat down by Orton.  Then, on SmackDown, he was defeated in a six-man tag match against The Shield.

    He'll get a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship, but that's another few weeks away.  This week, though, because of the loss and the beatdown, he drops one spot.

No. 3: Alberto Del Rio

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    Previous Rank: 4

    Movement: Up 1

    As mentioned last week, right now, Alberto Del Rio is the highest-ranking champion in WWE.  And this week, he acted like it.  With solid victories over Kofi Kingston and R-Truth, he showed exactly why he's champion.

    Del Rio was attacked by RVD after his match on SmackDown, which will only serve to further anger the champion.  With those two wins, Del Rio moves up one spot to No. 3.

No. 2: Randy Orton

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    Previous Rank: 2

    Movement: N/A

    Randy Orton has continued to return to his aggressive, violent ways.  After destroying Rob Van Damn on Raw in a double count-out match, he once again took out The Miz on SmackDown.

    Orton is due to face Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship soon, and if he continues on his dominant streak, he may well be the favorite to win the match.  This week, Orton holds onto the No. 2 spot in the rankings.

No. 1: Daniel Bryan

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    Previous Rank: 1

    Movement: N/A

    Wow.  Just when you think crowds can't get behind Daniel Bryan any more than they already have, there's a night like Monday on Raw.  In Chicago, CM Punk is always warmly received.  But as raucous as the crowd's reaction was for Punk, it didn't compare to the thunderous reaction Daniel Bryan elicited.

    Daniel Bryan is perhaps the most popular WWE Superstar since Stone Cold Steve Austin.  At the height of his popularity, John Cena didn't get these reactions.  And when Daniel Bryan defeated The Shield in the 11-on-3 elimination tag team match, the arena went ballistic with "YES!" chants that sounded as though they would blow the roof off the building.

    Daniel Bryan is by far and away the top wrestler in WWE.  His remaining at No. 1 is a no-brainer.