NBA 2K14: Highlighting Enhancements with Pro-Stick Controls

Brian MaziqueCorrespondent IIISeptember 29, 2013

image from NBA2K14
image from NBA2K14

Much has been made of the defensive improvements associated with NBA 2K14's gameplay, but the offense has seen some alterations as well. The advent of Pro-Stick controls creates a more realistic representation of a player's ability to dribble, pass and shoot intuitively.

Now, all three of those functions can be controlled using the right stick. Rob Jones and Mike Wang explain the new gameplay feature in the series latest developer diary video.

Here are three images that show the new functionality of the Pro-Stick, per Operation Sports:

It takes a little time to get used to the way the right-stick functions if you're a diehard NBA 2K fan, but once you get the hang of it, the new control system is more fluid and realistic.

The addition of flashy passes is a nice wrinkle. Don't think of it as a superfluous change to the normal passing mechanics. The purely style-based addition has legitimate rhyme and reason. When you want to throw a flashy pass, there are a few things that need to happen for your attempt to be successful.

You need to have a player who has the passing prowess to pull off such a maneuver. Having the Flashy Passer signature skill doesn't hurt in this regard.  It'll increase the probability that the pass finds its mark.

There also must be a lane for the pass to get through. The ball physics are still in effect in these situations. Flashy passes can be intercepted.

Finally, you must aim the right stick in the proper direction. This takes a touch of skill because you're likely accelerating with the ball handler. You must release the speed burst, hold the L2 /LT button and flick the stick in the direction of the teammate you want to pass to.

Like in real life, the better your vision and quicker your reflexes, the better passer you'll be. In some situations, you can attempt to blend the ability to throw bounce passes and flashy dimes.

This requires you to hold L2/LT along with the X/A buttons before you flick the right stick. That's an advanced move, but it's very pretty when it's executed.

Whenever there are new features added to core gameplay, it is always recommended you spend some time getting acquainted with them in the tutorials and training.

NBA 2K14 has those modes available.

Put in some work honing your skills before you start playing games that count.


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