NFL Reportedly Considering Expanding Playoffs, Cutting Preseason Game

Patrick Clarke@@_Pat_ClarkeCorrespondent ISeptember 29, 2013

In a move that would shake up the NFL landscape, the league is reportedly considering the possibility of expanding the playoffs to 14 teams, according to NFL insider Chris Mortensen:

THIS JUST IN: The NFL is mulling the possibility of expanding to 14 playoff teams and cutting preseason to 3 games. (via @MortReport)

— NFL on ESPN (@ESPNNFL) September 29, 2013

The source points out that the expanded postseason would likely result in one week of preseason getting cut. 

The league has wanted to play more games over the course of the season for years now. In May of this year, there were talks about eliminating two preseason games, "either by expanding the playoffs or moving to an 18-game schedule," according to ESPN.

On one hand, some fans may love the idea of more meaningful football, but it would water down the playoffs a bit. That may be something not everyone would be on board with. 

The NFL wouldn't be the first major sports league to expand its postseason format. In the NBA and NHL, 16 teams qualify for the playoffs, which is more than half the league. As a result, each league has developed a much longer postseason and one that keeps more fanbases involved. 

Under the NFL's current playoff format, 12 teams qualify for the postseason each year: eight division winners and two wild-card teams from each conference.  

The NFL expanded its postseason to 12 teams for the 1990 season from 10. With these latest developments, there's a possibility another change is on the horizon.


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