Devils-Rangers: The Garden of Hell? New Jersey Aims to Make MSG Their Den

GIUSEPPE ROSSITTOContributor IApril 15, 2008

In a series in which home ice advantage means just as much as the ranks difference between the two teams, the New Jersey Devils try to even the series up at the world's most famous arena tonight in game 4 of the eastern conference quarters, the devils showed the rangers that they won't go quietly in this series.

After going down 0-2 at home in this series the devils walked inside the arena on 34th street with their backs against the wall perhaps looking for the "miracle on 34th street" that would bring them back in this series ,and after catching some bad brakes all of this season against the rangers it seemed like everything that went bad for the devs previously was paid off all in one shot.

It all started with the first goal that went off the skate of a blueshirt and the devils jumped off to a 1-0 lead but the rangers came back and took the lead with an outstanding Dubinksy who scored 2 goals on the night and Avery who on the 5on3 power play scored after harassing Marty Brodeur with a bunch of dirty antics to try to hurt the New Jersey goaltender but something weird happened with the devils, they fought back (something rare this year) against the rangers taking the lead 3-2 with Zach Parise ., But the rangers will get a final say and tie the game to bring it to overtime when John Madden hits a shot from the side of the net that hits the skate of Staal and goes past Lundqvist and forces this series a trip back to the rock for game 5.

But the devils need to understand that setting up that game 5 to go in it down 3-1 would be suicide, that's why they must continue to shut down the rangers in every way and limit the penalties against the instigators  like Avery who by the way just made the NHL put a new rule thanks to his episode with Brodeur, will they accomplish the miracle on 34th street ? I guess we'll just have to find out tonight.