WWE Battleground: The WWE Championship Should Remain Vacant Through the New PPV

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WWE Battleground: The WWE Championship Should Remain Vacant Through the New PPV
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Daniel Bryan was stripped of the WWE title following last month's Night of Champions pay-per-view. Despite now being a two-time WWE champion, "The Goat" has only held the championship for the duration of a day. 

While there is no problem with these short reigns from a storyline point of view, if Bryan is to again become the WWE Champion, his third reign should be meaningful and last for at least a couple of months. 

WWE very rarely vacates its top-tier belt, but it could arguably be excellent booking to leave the WWE Championship vacant until Hell in a Cell, where Bryan and Randy Orton can have a blow-off match, with the winner in the no-interference cell structure being the true Champion. 

This could be achieved by having the vacant strap contested in an Iron Man match at Battleground, or another such stipulation bout that could believably end in a draw without fans feeling cheated out of a clean finish. 

There seems little point in having Orton win at Battleground, only to drop the title back to Bryan at Hell in a Cell, or vice versa. Thus, having the title held up until October's second pay-per-view is the best idea if Bryan is to regain the championship anytime soon. 

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However, with Triple H rumored to be returning to the ring, perhaps the Cerebral Assassin will be competing as soon as November's Survivor Series. At this stage in the company's central feud, one would expect Hunter to face Bryan at some point, hopefully putting him over as a top-face and long-term top-tier title contender for years to come. 

Ultimately, although it is undoubtedly not "best for business" to have a vacant top-tier Championship for too long, the rarity of the event should allow for another three weeks to pass without a champion, in order to make the probable Hell in a Cell match between the two really pay off.

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