WWE Battleground 2013: Full Odds for Possible Superstar Returns at PPV

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistSeptember 28, 2013

WWE Battleground 2013: Full Odds for Possible Superstar Returns at PPV

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    From WWE.com
    From WWE.com

    Since WE Battleground constitutes as a pay-per-view, returns from high-profile WWE superstars are deemed necessary. The WWE Twitter account is already tinkering around with teasers of a possible Undertaker return, so one can only dream right?

    With WWE airing the second of three pay-per-views in a one month span, the most low-profile pay-per-view events of the trio will benefit from a boost in star power.

    WWE Battleground currently offers nothing in star power, so perhaps a return or two could at least help boost pay-per-view buys ahead of WWE's first-time offering. 

    Potential returns will be graded on popularity with fans and how well these returns could fit in with ongoing angles. 

5. Edge: (100:1 Odds of Returning)

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    From WWE.com
    From WWE.com

    Maybe he won't wrestle, but Edge has unfinished (storyline) business with the WWE brass. Last time we saw Edge, Triple H and co. got the best of him after threatening to sick The Shield on the Rated R Superstar. 

    Buffalo, New York isn't too far a drive From his billed home of Toronto, Canada.  Given the time that has passed since the last Edge return, an appearance by the former multiple-time world champion could still gel with WWE's top storyline.  

    The odds may not be very strong for Edge to suddenly pop up at WWE Battleground.  The pay-per-view is just over one week away and Edge has not been seen or heard from since his last guest appearance.  WWE would at least be expected to air a video promo announcing an appearance by Edge at its first Battlegroud pay-per-view much like it did for Raw.   

    East coast crowds tend to be very lively.  Just imagine the pop if Edge was able to pull off one more spear on an authority figure. 

4. Mickie James (100:1 Odds of Returning)

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    From WWE.com
    From WWE.com

    Mickie James is still seen as a big star in WWE, especially since she's still able to use the name that made her famous in the fed.

    James recently wrapped with TNA, therefore the speculation of her imminent return to WWE is inevitable.  She may have left on bad terms, but given the recent emphasis on the WWE Divas, James could serve as a legitimate foil for current top dogs the Bella Twins. 

    AJ Lee's current portrayal of a crazy chick could be matched perfectly by Mickie James, who innovated that brand of character in her early days with WWE.  A feud between her and AJ would be entertaining both in and out of the ring. 

    James would serve as the perfect representation for the old guard of WWE Divas, yet a genre that fans would immediately gravitate to.  Given the alleged political power gained by divas such as the Bella twins, however, Mickie's path back to the WWE may be riddled with obstacles if not blocked.  The presence of the Bella Twins alone hurts Mickie's odds of a return. 

3. John Cena (80:1 Odds of Returning)

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    From WWE.com
    From WWE.com

    Although he's still injured, John Cena's potential return must be included on this list based on his incredible history of recovery time.

    At Royal Rumble, in 2008, Cena miraculously recovered from a pectoral injury and a neck surgery, shocking the WWE Universe in an inexplicably effortless return. 

    John Cena's recent elbow injury should have the top star back sooner than excepted, especially based on WWE's dependency on its poster boy with so many babyfaces on the outside looking in. 

    What makes the odds of a John Cena return so sketchy is the low-profile pay-per-view.  A big-four pay-per-view like Survivor Series or Royal Rumble is more of a fitting stage for John Cena to return.  John Cena is one of the few WWE Superstars who makes a difference in pay-per-view buyrates.  A Cena return at Battleground should be announced well in advance. 

    Cena's 2008 appearance at Royal Rumble could be kept a surprise given the built-in appeal of WWE's second-biggest pay-per-view in terms of buyrates.  Battleground has no such distinction.   

2. Vince McMahon (50:1 Odds of Returning)

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    From WWE.com
    From WWE.com

    Vince McMahon has recently taken a backseat to the Stephanie and Hunter show. The two significant WWE stars have served as the personification of WWE's corporation.

    But where's Vince?

    Vince McMahon is as much a representative of the corporation as anyone else. He has been conspicuously absent and is likely awaiting the impetus of a lucrative WWE plot twist before he resurfaces on WWE TV or pay-per-view.

    A surprise interference by Vince McMahon could cost Daniel Bryan the WWE championship at Battleground.  McMahon's presence would be a breath of fresh air as he is not afraid to get into character as a villain.  Triple H's dismissive persona presents opposing foes as non-factors, making it more difficult to emotionally invest in the characters or storylines. 

1. Cody Rhodes (5:1 Odds of Returning)

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    From WWE.com
    From WWE.com

    Cody Rhodes returned alongside Goldust this past week in front of a hot Chicago crowd. Given how Cody Rhodes' name has been kept in WWE storylines, fans reacted positively.

    Cody Rhodes' continued interactions with WWE could still be constituted as a return since he was fired by Triple H last time we saw him.

    Rhodes and Goldust's plight with the WWE is unique enough that their presence stands out above all other storylines currently on WWE TV. The black sweatshirts are a good enough touch that the "invasion" storyline is emphasized. 

    The Rhodes family takeover should be a running theme on WWE TV and pay-per-view.  Triple H recently invited the Rhodes family to appear on Raw.  This could lead to an announcement of Cody's reinstatement, or an opportunity to be reinstated through a match at Battleground.