5 WWE Superstars Who Deserve Better Booking

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistSeptember 29, 2013

5 WWE Superstars Who Deserve Better Booking

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    WWE has an entire roster of Superstars that all want to be the top guy, but there is only so much time to go around. Even so, WWE has a few Superstars who deserve better booking than they have been receiving lately.

    This, of course, is all a matter of opinion. One guy might think Justin Gabriel is the future of the WWE, while another guy might see dollar signs in Ryback.

    And it's not as if there are only five people being booked poorly right now. This list could easily be expanded to include half the roster, but then this would go from a slideshow to a book. I don't have time to write that much, and you probably don't have time to read it.

    Some of the people on this list will be obvious choices, but a couple might surprise you. Just because someone is regularly featured on Raw and SmackDown doesn't mean they're being booked properly.

    Let's take a look at five WWE Superstars who are not being used to their fullest potential.

Big E. Langston

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    Why WWE has continued to push Ryback as the next powerhouse main eventer and not Big E. Langston is one of the bigger conundrums in WWE.

    Langston is just as, if not more powerful than Ryback, he is actually pretty entertaining when he wants to be, and he has much better in-ring skills than Ryback.

    This should be the guy getting the push. He shouldn't be randomly paired with Fandango in a tag match. Ever since WWE ended the partnership between AJ and Langston, he has been treading water.

    He could thrive in a real tag team, or he could succeed as a singles star. The potential Langston has is totally untapped, and WWE needs to give him a chance to break out.

Dolph Ziggler

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    I used to think that Dolph Ziggler was being built-up the old-fashioned way, but now I think WWE is just dropping the ball with him.

    It took plenty of guys a lot longer than it took Ziggler to get where he is today, and that is usually what fans of Ziggler have to keep reminding themselves of so they don't get too upset, myself included.

    There is no denying Ziggler's skill, and he is certainly not ready to be WWE's top star, but he is ready to be World champion for a significant amount of time in order to keep pushing him towards true main event status.

    His ill-timed concussion might have contributed to WWE taking the title off him so soon, but having him drop back down to fighting for the United States title is very confusing. He should be waiting in the wings to challenge whoever wins between Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton at Battleground.

    It's always possible that WWE will put him back in the hunt for the World title after Battleground. His current feud with The Shield is the best thing he has been a part of since losing the World title, and hopefully that can keep him busy until Bryan and Orton end their feud and Ziggler can step in as the next challenger.

Zack Ryder

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    Long Island Iced-Z is still quite popular with fans despite being booked on the show very sporadically. WWE pretended to want to push Ryder for a bit, but eventually they gave up.

    Ryder made himself popular by using social media and his YouTube show to connect with the fans through humor and the love of wrestling. Soon WWE Superstars and fans alike were demanding to see more of Ryder.

    WWE brought his YouTube show to their channel and pushed him in a storyline with John Cena and Eve that put Ryder in the spotlight.

    But soon it was clear that WWE wanted to control the situation just so they could keep him down. His YouTube show started being monitored by WWE, and they would make changes that Ryder wasn't happy about.

    Ryder is actually decent in the ring, but his real worth is in his entertainment value. His obvious love for wrestling and goofy sense of humor make him easy to like, so it is a real mystery as to who he must have pissed off to be treated so poorly by WWE.


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    R-Truth is exciting to watch, over with the crowd and experienced enough to have chemistry with just about anybody he gets in the ring with.

    Truth reached the peak of his WWE run in 2011, when he challenged John Cena for the WWE title at Capitol Punishment. Ever since then he has been on a downward slope.

    The former US champion really found a groove with his paranoid/crazy persona in mid-2011, and he ended up being a part of one of the best segments of the entire year.

    WWE should bring Truth back to this character and give him another shot. Forget the friendly, Little Jimmy-loving Truth. The heel with a screw loose was what really made Truth stand out.

    There isn't room for everyone at the top, so hopefully Truth helps make his own opportunity soon. If not, he might get frustrated and head back to TNA (where there isn't any better opportunity for him anyway), which would be a loss for both fans and the WWE.

Curtis Axel

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    It seems odd to include one of WWE's four male singles champions on a list of people who need to be pushed more, but that is where I find myself.

    Curtis Axel should have gotten more out of being the next Heyman guy, but Heyman's feud with Punk overshadowed Axel, and he has been treated more like a punching bag for Punk than he has like an IC champion.

    Axel might actually benefit from leaving Paul Heyman at this point. WWE isn't having Heyman focus on Axel, and now Ryback is in the mix to take up more of Heyman's attention.

    Heyman could have helped Axel become a success, but the fact that Heyman is a top talent and Axel is a midcard star means he will never really be Heyman's main focus.

    Axel should break away and focus on convincing people that he is capable of being a star on his own. He might not be great on the mic yet, but his in-ring ability should be enough to get him by until he develops those mic skills.

    It's not as if he needs to be in the main event, but he should be defending his title and building his credibility, not wheeling Heyman around in a wheelchair.

    Thanks for reading. Who do you feel deserves better treatment in WWE?