Katherine Webb's Long-Awaited Carl's Jr. Commercial Is Here and It's Messy

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Boy, that is one delicious-looking hamburger. 

The Big Lead is one of the first websites to have spotted the much-anticipated Carl's Jr. commercial featuring everyone's favorite model, Katherine Webb, who may or may not be dating Alabama's star quarterback, A.J. McCarron

In the end, the commercial is just as we would have expected. Although, we have to say, Webb has absolutely no idea how to eat a hamburger. 

First off, that Buffalo Blue Cheese Burger is nearly as big as her head. In fact, and this is pure speculation on my part, the burger may be roughly the same height as 5'6" Alabama coach Nick Saban

Either way, the model's journey to finish that monster burger is doomed from the start. 

The hot sauce immediately drops onto her jersey, and I can safely say from personal struggles with mustard, chili and other delicious condiments that it is going to stain. Oh, you can soak it overnight, Ms. Webb, but it's never coming out. 

Then she starts eating the cheese one small portion at a time. Well, she is never going to finish that thing with such preposterous portions. 

That's when the meat sweats begin. It seems Webb has the same reaction that I and other big guys have to food. She is one milkshake and an order of fries from going into a full-on food coma. 

And then she decides to drink her soda by getting on all fours and rubbing ice on her neck, which isn't how we recommend imbibing any liquid. 

Sadly, we may never learn whether Webb finished her hamburger—which is why we all clamored to watch this commercial, right?

Maybe I missed the whole point. 

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