NHL Playoffs: Things are Looking Good for the Flyers

Jameson FlemingSenior Writer IApril 15, 2008

The Flyers absolutely took it to the Washington Capitals last night to take a 2-1 series lead in the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals. Below I recapped the first period of the game, which was extremely indicative of the entire contest.

The Flyers forechecked and they forechecked and they forechecked Washington into oblivion. Smart and aggressive play won the Flyers this game. It led to the Flyguys outshooting the Caps 33-19. Several Flyers goals came from a direct result of the extra pressure they put on Washington. At times the Caps just couldn't get the puck out of their own zone.

Also, playoff penalty shots are awesome. Kudos to Mike Richards for scoring on it. Nice to see he can score on a penalty shot when during the regular season none of these guys could ever score in a shootout.

Game four will be in Philadelphia Thursday night.

That's all I got to say on this one. Check out my recap of the first period, and you can get a real gist of what went on in this game.

Also no link dump tonight. I've got an 8 AM tomorrow and I need sleep. I'll leave you with a link to Troy Nunes's link dump.