16 Questions for No. 16 Matt Cassel

William BakerContributor IMay 19, 2009

FOXBORO, MA - DECEMBER 21:  Matt Cassell #16 of the New England Patriots reacts after a touchdown against the Arizona Cardinals at Gillette Stadium on December 21, 2008 in Foxboro, Massachusetts.  (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

If given the chance, I would interview Kansas City Chiefs starting quarterback Matt Cassel. Here are some questions I would ask:

1. Did you ever find it ironic looking back that you would throw your first completions as starting quarterback against a team you are now playing for?

2. How comforting was it knowing linebacker and fellow former Patriot Mike Vrabel would join you on the Chiefs roster?

3. How was the first meeting with new head coach Todd Haley?

4. Now the past couple QBs to come out of USC—John David Booty and Matt Leinart—haven’t been able to live up to their hype, are you looking forward to shattering that whole myth about USC QB’s in the NFL?

5. Speaking about playing for USC, what’s one thing that head coach Pete Carroll said to you that you’ve always remembered?

6. How crazy was it to be drafted in the NFL above guys like the 2003 Heisman winner Jason White?

7. What was the first day at Patriots camp like for you?

8. You’ve had some experience playing baseball, including being drafted by the Oakland Athletics. Do you think that if you went through with professional baseball that you would have as much success in the MLB as you do now in the NFL?

9. After Tom Brady went down for the season and there was talk of bringing in Chris Simms or Tim Rattay, how nervous were you that after your first start that you may have gone back to playing the role of the backup?

10. Who were your favorite players in football and baseball growing up?

11. How long did it take people to stop you on the street after your first few starts as QB of the New England Patriots?

12. What was your reaction to the price tag the Pats put on you in order for teams to trade for you?

13. What was your reaction to the whole Jay Cutler drama in Denver when new head coach Josh McDaniels tried to make a push to trade for you?

14. Have you been to any of the local Kansas City BBQ restaurants? If so which one is your favorite?

15. For the past couple seasons, the quarterback position has been a revolving door for the Chiefs. How important is it for you to show fans that you are here to stay?

16. Are you disappointed that the Patriots are not on the Chiefs schedule this year?