San Diego Chargers: Stephen Cooper's Steroid Use Could Lift Anthony Waters

Ian PhilipAnalyst IIIApril 15, 2008

What an embarrassment! 

Stephen Cooper got caught pill popping, and that could be just the asinine move that young linebacker Anthony Waters needs to get in the starting lineup for the San Diego Chargers and stay there.  The Chargers brought the kid along slowly so that he had a chance to fully recover from a college ACL injury.

The report on Waters is that he is a dynamic run defender that is limited in pass coverage, but if he can adequately replace the hard hitting - and sorely missed - Randal Godfrey, the Chargers will do just fine. 

The Chargers pass defense was pretty darned good at times and their run defense was pretty darned bad at times.  Adding a big tough middle linebacker in there that won't take any mess could be one of the keys to turning this thing around for the Bolts.

Cooper is the FOURTH San Diego Chargers starter (along with Shawne Merriman, Luis Castillo, and Andrew Pinnock) to get caught doing steroids.  Though none of those players contributed to the Chargers rise from the dead a few years ago, I'll be forced to call these guys cheaters if anyone else gets caught.  

Heck, former Chargers David Boston and Rodney Harrison were busted for using performance enhancing drugs as well.  Even though they were not Chargers at the time, it is still a little disturbing.