Daniel Bryan Should Not Win the WWE Championship at Battleground

Tom ClarkFeatured ColumnistSeptember 27, 2013

photo by wwe.com
photo by wwe.com

Daniel Bryan is heading for a showdown with Randy Orton at WWE's upcoming Battleground pay-per-view on Sunday, October 6.  Professional wrestling's "yes" man is seeking to score another victory over The Viper and once again become WWE champion.

But the fact is that Bryan should not go over for the title at Battleground.  And yes, I know what you're thinking.

You're thinking that this has gone on long enough.  You're thinking that Daniel's road to the top has been blocked too many times and now it should finally happen for him.  Trust me, I hear your argument.  I hear it loud and clear.

And truth be told, I am inclined to agree.  The fact is that this angle has been going on since August 18's SummerSlam, and from then until now, quite a lot has happened.  Bryan has won and lost the WWE Championship twice; the first time, of course, to Orton, and the second time he was stripped of the belt by Triple H.

photo by wwe.com
photo by wwe.com

We have seen Big Show become a major figure in WWE once again thanks to Triple H and Stephanie McMahon manipulating him to be their enforcer.  Cody Rhodes is seeing more drama in WWE due to his "firing" than he arguably ever has.  

And more importantly, we have seen the rise of both Randy and Daniel to the very top of WWE.  But Bryan's forward progress has been slowed and his character has been stopped at every turn.  That trend began on the Raw after SummerSlam and it has continued to this very moment.

We are reaching two months into this angle, which is more than enough time to wrap up the loose ends in regard to Bryan and put the gold back around his waist for real this time.  I understand the train of thought here and it does make perfect sense.

But I happen to believe that even with the amount of time that has passed, it's much too soon for Daniel to finally ascend that ladder of championship success.  

The fact is that with each passing week, Daniel Bryan's pop has been growing stronger.  The fans love him and want to see him finally overcome not only Orton but the McMahon family, who has been in his way from day one.

They want it so much that Bryan has become perhaps the hottest Superstar in WWE.  

For me, the fact that Bryan cannot reach that final plateau and become the top star that so many fans want him to be is the essence of this angle.  This is what's driving the entire storyline; it's keeping fans interested and tuning in for more.

The anticipation of Bryan winning the WWE Championship and having a legitimate title run has perhaps never been bigger than it is right now.  Fans see the turmoil he's enduring, they see how hard he's working to fight the system, and all of that makes them want it for him even more.

To stop all of that now with a title win at Battleground would likely cause Daniel to lose his momentum and leave him right back where he was before all of this started.  And that would definitely be a shame, especially considering how much work the company has put into this angle.

Some who disagree and feel that Daniel should win right now think that if he doesn't, it will be a momentum killer as well.  After all, how many more title shots will Bryan get before WWE moves on to the next contender?  Are we to believe that Daniel's previous wins over Orton mean nothing now and Bryan will merely just fade into the background after being defeated at Battleground?

However, if Daniel is the main event-caliber WWE Superstar that so many of his supporters believe he is, then he will win the title despite how much time passes.  The crowd is certainly still on his side, and if WWE can keep it that way, the only logical choice will be to reward Daniel for his efforts.

photo by wwe.com
photo by wwe.com

Basically, if the people want Bryan to be WWE champion, then he most likely will.

But I believe that now is not the time.  Daniel Bryan is red hot right now, but he could become even bigger, and if that happens, then he will once again win the title.  And this time, he will have a run that means something.

Daniel Bryan will be facing Randy Orton for the vacated WWE Championship at Battleground on October 6.  And even though many fans want to see Daniel walk away with the title, I believe that it's still too soon for him to win the strap.  The company has done a lot to make this angle work, and I feel that to stop now would be to cut short Bryan's growth in the company.

Daniel is still carving out his main event spot in WWE, and he should be allowed to finish before he takes home the gold.