WWE Battleground 2013: Titles Most Likely to Change Hands

Giulio RomanoCorrespondent IISeptember 26, 2013

Why des this name have a "Diablo III" feel to it? Must be the red. Image by Cage Side Seats.
Why des this name have a "Diablo III" feel to it? Must be the red. Image by Cage Side Seats.

There is a new show on the way in WWE.

Battleground is its name, and the theme of this event has not yet been revealed; however, it should prove to be an interesting addition to the calendar.

This is due to the fact that it is succeeded by Hell in a Cell and the timeless classic, Survivor SeriesAll three have a sort of action-packed sound to them, and nothing screams more "action-packed" than a good old championship match. 

So far, only the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships are up for grabs on this card, and from the looks of it, both are very likely to find a home in a new house.

However, since nothing is ever what it seems in this company, don't count on there being a new WWE champion just yet. The reason that there is none right now is because the House of McMahon-Levesque wants it that way.

An early WrestleMania XXX prediction sees a true, undisputed WWE world heavyweight champion crowned at the end of the night in New Orleans.

It is about time, too. There is no further need for split titles.

Now, this is then, Battleground is now!

Rob Van Dam should get his hands on the prize eventually, but Alberto Del Rio is getting more vicious every week. Though still not drawing heat like a McMahon, the Mexican aristocrat should hold on to the gold a little while longer. Here's thinking Creative is finally building some villains right.

What is most likely to change, however, are the holders of the Intercontinental and Divas Championships.

Yes, that is correct. Curtis Axel and AJ Lee will lose at Battleground. They are trying really hard to make the son of the late Mr. Perfect a credible champion, but it's just not working. 

Paul Heyman is the hot act to follow where that situation is concerned. Ryback? No. Curtis Axel is boring. Time for someone new to step up or at least make a fine transitional champion until a great character picks up the ball. Hmm...Evan Bourne, Tyson Kidd, Rey Mysterio...someone who can fly. Who knows? Maybe even Chris Jericho down the road, to make it a perfect 10!

The Divas division is currently rising up from the ashes, and with the success of the Total Divas series, the sky is the limit.

Now is the time to capitalize on all the fame and make an impact upon the entire WWE Universe. AJ Lee has been a great character and champion so far. If it weren't for some obvious points, she should be allowed to carry that title all the way into 2014.

The problem is, she isn't on the show...yet, and that is bad for business. The butterfly needs to have some of the spotlight thrust upon it. That belt needs to shine.

Plus, the Bella Twins are a "totally" hot act to follow right now, pun intended. They are dating the most talked-about stars of the company (or something like that), John Cena and yes, yes, yes...Daniel Bryan.

Down the road, they just have to snatch that thing and use it as a beacon to draw in Kharma. Yes, there are still believers out there. That's just some sort of prediction yet again, but make no mistake about it, the Bellas are back, and they are hot as hell.

When it comes to the near future, however, no one screams more "star" or "most deserving" than Natalya. That super woman has paid her dues tenfold, and it is her time now. She is just so amazing. Her character is good, and the real person everyone sees on television has captured the hearts of millions. No wonder she is the queen.

The seeds have been planted already. All that this program needs is a real one-on-one match between the two.

AJ Lee vs. Natalya for the Divas Championship with some sort of Battleground-like stipulation would finally shut the critics up and have the fans screaming for more. There is gold herealways has been. The Divas division is ripe with potential, only thing was, people were too blind to see it.

Wouldn't it be a nice touch to have both Nattie and T.J win championships in coming weeks? Both are exceptional characters, and the company owes them a wedding present. 

Poof! Problem solved.

For the record, The Shield is way too over right now to even consider taking their titles away. That is crazy talk. And in speaking of crazy, AJ would eventually regain her title. 

When the dust settles and the smoke clears, new heroes will emerge. 

The revolution is coming. Can you not smell it?