The NHL Is Starting To Become Boring

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The NHL Is Starting To Become Boring
(Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images)

The NHL is considered to be one of the most popular major league organizations in the United States.

With a fan base that fills almost every arena at almost every event, NHL fans are beginning to demand more from their favorite team and their favorite league.

Every year it is pretty apparent that the same teams seem to play as good or better than they did the year before.

Unfortunately, that doesn't leave much room for excitement of the fans of underdog teams. Take the Washington Capitals for example. If they were to pull off a big win against the Penguins and win it all in the end, few fans would have predicted this.

Why? Because the NHL refuses to bring excitement to its playoffs.

Don't get me wrong, NHL playoffs are perhaps some of the most exciting games at any time of the year. But what about the fans of the teams everyone overlooks?

If the NHL doesn't intervene with teams who need large amounts of help, fans will start to become more bored and uninterested.

The NHL better hope for a Penguins victory in the Stanley Cup, rather than a Red Wings victory, other wise ratings will go down and you can pretty much guarantee it.

Like it or not, hate me or love me, you know it's true.

-Henry Laboranti

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