AJ Lee vs. Paige Is WWE Divas Feud That Must Happen

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterSeptember 26, 2013

Photo: WWE
Photo: WWE

AJ Lee vs. Paige is a dream Divas feud that need not be confined to dreams.

WWE's two female champions are too popular, too talented and too complementary to not have collided onscreen. Picking who might next challenge Curtis Axel for the Intercontinental title or who would most benefit Bray Wyatt in the ring are dilemmas that could be dissected and discussed at length.

However, the question of how best to move forward in the Divas division is a no-brainer.

In sports, there's no guarantee that the two best teams face off, no guarantee that the fight that the fans want materializes. Injuries, upsets and other factors derail these dream matchups.

WWE has far more control in making sure those anticipated bouts happen.

No need to take a poll: There's a single Divas feud that fans are hungriest for, one that inspires tweets like this one:

AJ and Paige are the two most compelling women signed to WWE right now. Both possess a unique look, exciting in-ring offense and the kind of charisma WWE seeks out.

Paige is busy fending off challengers for her NXT Women's Championship. She's only 21, so WWE may look to be patient in bringing her to the main roster.

Randy Orton was only 22 when he made his SmackDown debut. Paige is the same kind of blue-chip talent who defies the typical timetable. Keeping her in NXT when she is already so skilled and engaging in the ring is a waste.

Let her learn in the heat of the spotlight.

Let her be the woman to push AJ, to rattle her ribs and bring out her best. She's the best option as AJ's next challenger.

From friends to foes? (Photo from AJ's Twitter)
From friends to foes? (Photo from AJ's Twitter)

For now, AJ appears to be heading for a collision with Natalya. The two had a spat at the announcers' table that had the feel of a feud brewing.

Pitting the best female mat wrestler against the Divas champ is a wise move, but what happens after that?

AJ forces Natalya to tap. (Photo: WWE.com)
AJ forces Natalya to tap. (Photo: WWE.com)

Natalya and AJ can be a compelling feud, one that results in a number of quality matches. Eventually, though, one of them will win out, and AJ will be in need of a new foe. The prospect of AJ facing either the Funkdactyls or the Bellas has little sizzle to it. The matches are bound to underwhelm.

Naomi's agility aside, there's not a lot to get excited about from that set of foes. Why drag down AJ's title reign and momentum with a rivalry opposite a Diva who won't elevate her?

Insert Paige into that picture, and electricity will flow through the Division.

Paige has the in-ring ability to create show-stealing matches with AJ. Her viciousness is compelling, and her intensity will provide the kind of spark that is lacking in the Divas division.

Her skills were on full display in a bout against Emma for the NXT Women's Championship:

Picture that warrior battling AJ, dodging her Shining Wizard and matching AJ's energy in the ring. A Paige and AJ feud has the potential to lead to the best match we've seen from two Divas in a long while.

A well-told story that provided motivation made Kaitlyn vs. AJ at Payback an engrossing bout. Give Paige and AJ the same amount of airtime building to their climactic battle, and the results will have fans abuzz about the Divas division.

AJ has trashed the women from Total Divas. She's boasted about being better than a reality-show star and claimed to be better than all of her peers.

This is where Paige becomes necessary.

Should AJ continue to prove that she is indeed better than her foes, besting them like she did at Night of Champions, the story soon gets old. Domination is only fun to watch for so long.

Eventually AJ needs an equal, a woman who hasn't been defeated on TV time and time again.

Someone with Paige's tough aura, infectious attitude and brawling ability gives AJ more than a challenge; it makes her Divas Championship reign a tenuous one. There isn't a more fitting foe for the champ.

WWE can't miss out on a chance to pit the best against the best, to have two lionesses tear into each other with the audience unable to look away.