Every EPL Team's No. 1 Celebrity Fan

Tom Sunderland@@TomSunderland_Featured ColumnistSeptember 26, 2013

Every EPL Team's No. 1 Celebrity Fan

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    Celebrities are humans just like you and me, and as such have the same cravings for sport fandom as the rest of us.

    The Premier League may be the top tier of English football, but its worldwide reach makes it an all-encompassing machine that captivates even the most far-flung of personalities.

    From, every corner of the world, the clubs of the division have drawn in some massive celebrity personalities as fans, although some teams certainly have a more appealing fan base than others.

    Taking into account not just whose stardom is perhaps the biggest, but also which personalities involve themselves with their club the most, read on to find each Premier League outfit’s No. 1 celebrity fan.

Arsenal: Idris Elba

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    Football's a great equaliser, bringing together individuals from just about every cloth, class and community, so it's good to see that Idris Elba's shot to superstardom hasn't seen him lose his Highbury roots.

    Starring in television series like The Wire, Luther and numerous Hollywood hits such as Thor, Pacific Rim and Prometheus, it's fair to say Elba's now rubbing elbows with some of the acting world's finest.

    However, no matter how far across the pond the Ghanaian/English-born star has been, he's managed to keep on top of the goings-on at the Emirates Stadium.

    Granted, Elba may have been more than a little off the mark in his assertion that Arsenal would definitely have silverware in hand by the end of the 2010/11 campaign, but what fan doesn't have ever so slightly rose-tinted vision?

    Honourable Mentions


    Queen Elizabeth II

    Spike Lee

    Piers Morgan

Aston Villa: Prince William

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    Aston Villa had more reason than any other Premier League club to celebrate the birth of Prince George earlier this year. After all, the Birmingham outfit must ensure that they don't lose the support of Prince William, a hugely prestigious follower to boast.

    The son of Prince Charles is a known Villan and the club were nice enough to send to the newest member of the Royal Family a miniature Aston Villa kit upon his birth, per the Telegraph.

    One person who isn't too happy about the decision being thrust upon Prince George is Usain Bolt, who the Metro have reported as saying that he should support a "winning team" instead.

    Harsh, Usain.

    Honourable Mention

    Tom Hanks

Cardiff City: Gareth Thomas

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    It's not too often that a rugby figure will admit to having a love for football, but such was Gareth Thomas star status in Cardiff that his fame crossed over both sports.

    The Ayatollah is a celebration that's become engrained with Cardiff City and for Thomas to have adopted the head-tapping symbol for the majority of his career speaks volumes of his love for the Bluebirds.

    According to the Independent, the first openly gay rugby player has been to numerous City games sine coming out as homosexual and received no sign of abuse in the wake of his announcement.

    Honourable Mentions

    Colin Farrell

    Shakin' Stevens

Chelsea: Lord Richard Attenborough

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    Lord Richard Attenborough has in a way moved far and beyond the status of being simply a Chelsea fan and actually into the club's hierarchy.

    The actor best known for his roles in films such as Jurassic Park and Miracle on 34th Street served as a direct of the club from 1969 to 1982, before then holding the position of honorary Life Vice President between 1993 and 2008.

    Since then, Attenborough has been awarded with the title of Life President, showing just how loyal the 90-year-old has been to the Blues' cause for the best part of a century.

    Honourable Mentions

    Will Ferrell

    Sir Michael Caine

    Damon Albarn

Crystal Palace: Kevin Day

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    Crystal Palace are fortunate enough to have a strong following of British comedians, so while their Premier League status may not always be as secure as they'd like, at least they'll be able to laugh about it.

    Kevin Day ranks near the summit of that group and while the occasional BBC presenter and comedian may not let it show in his work, he's one of the Eagles' most loyal celebrity fans.

    Honourable Mentions

    Jo Brand

    Sir Richard Branson

    Eddie Izzard

Everton: Sir Paul McCartney

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    The Beatles are arguably Liverpool's finest arts-based export, but not all of the group's members were followers of all things Anfield.

    In 2008, the Liverpool Echo made it official that Sir Paul McCartney had in fact come from a background of Evertonians and while he may not see the more bitter side of the rivalry, he has stated that "if it comes down to a derby match or an FA Cup final between the two, I would have to support Everton."

    That's about as serious as it gets when dividing allegiances in Merseyside.

    Like any group of fans might, the Toffees are alleged by KICKTV to have sounded out the artist as a potential saviour to the Everton cause, although nothing's come from the petition just yet.

    Honourable Mentions

    John Parrott

    Sylvester Stallone

Fulham: Example

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    Born and raised in the Putney area, Example (real name Elliot Gleave or E.G.) is an extremely cool fan for Fulham to boast, considering his status as one of Britain's more successful artists of recent years.

    The rapper has appeared on Soccer AM on numerous occasions to profess his love of the club he grew up around and attends matches at every opportunity.

    Unfortunately, Example was touring during the Cottagers' 2010 Europa League final and was unable to attend, but nevertheless remains an avid supporter.

    Honourable Mentions

    Hugh Grant

    Daniel Radcliffe (Has since reneged, calling footballers "cry babies")

    Hugh Laurie

    Lily Allen

Hull City: Omar Sharif

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    Far from the most glitzy of celebrity fans, sure, but Hull City are nevertheless proud to boast Dr. Zhivago and Lawrence of Arabia star, Omar Sharif, as being among their most loyal of followers.

    According to the Independent's Rebecca Tyrrel, Sharif is on nickname terms with Ken "Waggy" Wagstaff and was awarded an honorary degree by the University of Hull in 2010.

    Just how the Egyptian film star came to fall in love with his beloved Tigers is anyone's guess at this point. One of the strangest matrimonies in Premier League football.

    Honourable Mentions

    Nobody. Seriously, let us know of any others.

Liverpool: Daniel Craig

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    The Queen supporting Arsenal? That's cool. Prince William among the Aston Villa faithful? Pretty awesome.

    Having James Bond as a fellow Kopite? Now that is the kind of viewing buddy every British football fan grows up dreaming of.

    Although born in Cheshire, Daniel Craig grew up on the Wirral Peninsula and so chose the red half of Merseyside in terms of his Premier League support.

    Last year, the Metro revealed that Sir Alex Ferguson tried to pull off the transfer coup of the decade by bringing the 007 star to Old Trafford with the premise of free tickets, but it appears Craig's will cannot be stirred nor shaken.  

    Honourable Mentions


    LeBron James

    Dr. Dre

    Samuel L. Jackson

    It's perfectly acceptable to be slightly jealous of the fans that Liverpool boast.

Manchester City: The Gallagher Brothers

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    A Manchester City supporter of 40 years and still going strong, Noel and Liam Gallagher were firmly on board the wagon long before the days of billion-pound investment was even a dream for the club.

    While the infamous Oasis siblings may not be able to see eye-to-eye on many subjects, their shared support of City is one of the few areas that the pair can agree on.

    Regardless of which brother you're a bigger fan of, Noel or Liam, the pair can only be considered equal when it comes to their loyalties as Citizens. 

    Honourable Mentions

    Michelle Keegan 

    Ricky Hatton 

    David Hasselhoff (Yes. The Hoff)

Manchester United: Ian Brown

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    Considering Manchester City have a gaggle of northern BritPop icons as some of their most prestigious followers, it's only right the Manchester United have arguably the biggest icon of the genre as one of theirs.

    Ian Brown falls on the red side of the Premier League split and, despite growing up in a divided household, has always stood firm in his support of the Red Devils.

    The acclaimed F.E.A.R artist is a classic example of the local celebrity following that makes both clubs so famous to this day, regardless of what massive Hollywood personalities may jump on the bandwagon.

    Honourable Mentions

    Usain Bolt

    Drake (Contains some language NSFW)

    Steve Coogan

Newcastle United: Ant and Dec

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    Contrary to the popular belief that regional accents are detrimental to a presenter's career in the mainstream media, Ant and Dec have managed to fashion a British television dynasty thanks to some questionable childhood singing.

    The "Let's Get Ready To Rumble" duo are among the most avid celebrity Magpies and pack twice as much punch as any other famous face (of course accounting for height difference).

    Declan Donnelly and Anthony McPartlin are among the most famous things to have come out of the northeast in the last decade or so and can regularly be seen at St. James' Park.

    Honourable Mentions

    Cheryl Cole (Ignore the outdated relationship status)


    Tony Blair (Somewhat of a hidden gem)

Norwich City: Stephen Fry

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    Having grown up in Norfolk and gone through his education in East Anglia, Stephen Fry has made the step up from lifelong Canary to official component in how the club is run.

    In 2010, Fry joined the board and became an ambassador for the Premier League outfit.

    On his appointment, the QI personality stated: "Truly this is one of the most exciting days of my life and I am as proud and pleased as I could be."

    Still a regular face at Carrow Road, Fry is a figure whom many would love to see at their club ground, just in the distant hope that they might stump him with a query he doesn't know the answer to.

    Honourable Mentions

    Delia Smith (Possibly the greatest moment in Carrow Road history)

    Hugh Jackman

Southampton: Matt Le Tissier

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    A one-club man of the highest order, Matt Le Tissier has the honour of both adoring the club he became a legend at as well as being adored by those who used to watch him.

    The Saints attacker made 541 appearances for the south coast club after moving over from Guernsey as a youth before going on to become one of, if not the club's most important figure of the 1990s.

    To this day, Le Tiss remains a perfectly partial part of the Sky Sports Soccer Saturday crew, unashamedly showing his red and white stripes for the millions at home.

    Honourable Mentions

    Will Champion

Stoke City: Nick Hancock

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    The man most well known for his decade spent hosting sports quiz They Think It's All Over, Nick Hancock certainly ranks as one of the most loyal Potters.

    Hancock has stuck with the club through thick and thin, experiencing all the highs and lows of their days down in the third division during the early '90s, not to mention the rise to the Premier League.

    Born and raised in Staffordshire, the 50-year-old television presenter has spent the best part of half a century following Peter Coates' side. Here's hoping Mark Hughes can reverse his current trend in management and ensure Hancock stays happy. 

    Honourable Mentions

    Sugar Ray Leonard


    Busta Rhymes

Sunderland: Martin O'Neill

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    Currently unemployed, it feels justified including a Premier League-quality manager as the biggest celebrity fan of a side in the English top flight.

    Although every boss will undoubtedly develop a close relationship with any club he takes the reins of, it's not every day you see a manager getting to manage the club he grew up supporting. 

    Martin O'Neill eventually got his wish in late 2011 and there's a possibility his love of the Black Cats may have been marred after he was sacked, as he feels, unjustly.

    Honourable Mentions

    Mark Webber

    Peter O’Toole (Support discontinued with 1997 move from Roker Park)

    Paul Collingwood

Swansea City: Catherine Zeta-Jones

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    In Hollywood circles, the Premier League isn't even considered the grandest of sports stages, so any mention of Swansea City is likely to be greeted with even greater confusion.

    Nonetheless, Catherine Zeta-Jones proudly sports her Liberty Stadium support irrespective of glamorous company and was reported by This Is South Wales as boasting about the Swans' League Cup victory on the red carpet of this year's Oscars.

    Clearly having not lost touch with her South Wales roots, the Valleys girl, now separated from husband Michael Douglas, is a fan asset for the Premier League club to be proud of. 

    Honourable Mentions

    Michael Sheen

Tottenham Hotspur: Jason Sudeikis

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    Like Martin O'Neill, Jason Sudeikis was presented with the brief and altogether unofficial opportunity of managing the Premier League club he's supported since birth.

    "Coach Ted Lasso" had the short-lived honour of bringing his American spin to the Premier League thanks to an inspired piece of NBC innovation.

    No use of the hands allowed on the training ground, flash cards used to remember the names of clubs and utilisation of The Robot as a genuine training method are all examples of potentially revolutionary Lasso (Sudeikis) methods that perhaps weren't given their chance.

    Ultimately, the actor was bumped out of his spot as Spurs coach and presumably replaced by Andre Villas-Boas, but that won't have affected Sudeikis' die-hard love for the North London side.

    (Disclaimer: it's unknown as to whether Sudeikis actually supports Spurs). 

    Honourable Mentions


    Jude Law

    Ray Liotta

    Paul Whitehouse

West Brom: Frank Skinner

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    A test of a true football fan's mettle is often whether they'll be there with there club not at their strongest, but at their weakest and most vulnerable moments.

    To quote the man himself, Frank Skinner told Absolute Radio that "I don't go to [the Hawthorns] to watch Premier League football, I go to watch West Brom." That's what it's all about.

    The comedian is of course famous for crafting the piece of Euro 1996 magic with David Baddiel that is "Football's Coming Home," an English anthem staple if ever there was one.

    West Brom's yo-yo dynamic must often be frustrating to put up with as a Baggy, but Skinner remains resolute.

    Honourable Mentions

    Ronnie Wood

    Eric Clapton

    Lenny Henry

    John McEnroe

    Goran Ivanisevic

West Ham: Ray Winstone

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    From the moment Ray Winstone opens his mouth, it wouldn't take you more than a couple of guesses to determine which Premier League outfit it was that the actor followed.

    Growing up in the days where Bobby Moore and Geoff Hurst were looked upon as gods among men, the BAFTA-nominated star has never lost touch with his West Ham support.

    Born in Hackney, Winstone comes across as a very down-to-earth individual irrespective of where his considerable acting chops have taken him, very much significant of the West Ham family feel.

    Honourable Mentions

    James Corden

    Danny Dyer

    Russel Brand

    Dave Grohl

    Lennox Lewis

    Barack Obama

    Elijah Wood