That Katherine Webb Carl's Jr. Commercial Seems to Be Coming Together Nicely

You may not be able to take a look at Katherine Webb's final commercial hyping the new Buffalo Blue Cheese Burger, so consider this behind-the-scenes video the figurative fries you eat on the way home until you eat the rest of your meal. 

Busted Coverage happened up on this video posted by Hardee's that features everyone's favorite quarterback girlfriend turned overnight sensation. 

Because anytime I'm hit with a hankering for a Western Bacon Cheeseburger I head to a Carl's Jr. and not a Hardee's over here on the west coast, we will continue with that for the purposes of this article. 

As you will see, the impetus behind this particular ad is much the same as ones we have seen before from the likes of Kate Upton and Jenny McCarthy: get a hot woman and get her to eat a massively messy hamburger. 

Then you stand back and watch the drive-thru totals skyrocket—at least that's the idea. In fact, most of these spots are so delicious they are very nearly NSFW

This time around we get more of the same from Carl's Jr., because there is no reason to fix something that is clearly not broken. 

Webb is at a fake football game when the spotlight keys in on her, which is a direct reference to how she exploded onto the scene when Brent Musburger spotted her in the stands during the BCS Championship game. 

This time Webb isn't interested in her Alabama quarterback boyfriend (or former boyfriend), A.J. McCarron, because she has this new burger that is nearly as big as her head. 

There you have all the evidence you need to prove Webb is still very much relevant and this new burger is very much delicious. 

Now will someone please get her a napkin?

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