The Funniest Bloopers in Recent Sports History

Josh Schoch@JoshSchochAnalyst IIIOctober 2, 2013

The Funniest Bloopers in Recent Sports History

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    The world of sports delivers incredible plays by superstar athletes on a near-daily basis.

    These are not those plays.

    For every great play we revere, there is an embarrassing play we ridicule. Even pro athletes make mistakes, and sometimes those mistakes are, well, hilarious.

    A great blooper is one that exemplifies true terribleness, either because the player blew a big game or was just so bad that you laugh out loud.

    Let's take a look at the best follies, goofs and gaffes the sports world has provided us with over the years.

30. Jason Richardson's Missed Dunk

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    With time winding down and his team down by two, Jason Richardson had a breakaway with a chance to tie the game on a simple dunk.

    Richardson had thrown down hundreds of dunks in his career, and he'd even won two Dunk Contests. Unfortunately, he couldn't convert this time, and he cost his team two crucial points.

    It's hard to believe that he missed a breakaway dunk if he can find a way to do this.

29. LeBron James "Didn't Go to College"

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    Not all bloopers happen on the field.

    LeBron James is The King on the court, but he can barely string two words together off it. This postgame interview was arguably his worst ever, and his excuse? Simply that he didn't go to college.

28. Vernon Davis' Near-Dunk

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    Vernon Davis is one of the most gifted athletes in the world, but sometimes it goes to his head.

    We've seen him dunk on the uprights before, but he just couldn't get high enough this time, getting stuffed by the post.

    Talk about embarrassing.

27. Ben Revere's Somersault

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    Ben Revere has some wheels, and he knows how to use them. Unfortunately, sometimes he's too fast for his own good.

    Back when he was on the Minnesota Twins, Revere hit a ball to right field that looked like it would turn into a stand-up triple. However, he took a bad turn around second and ended up doing a somersault on the base paths.

    Revere still slid into third without a problem, but seeing him stumble so badly as he ran the bases was...interesting.

26. Marshawn Lynch Finally Goes Down

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    Marshawn Lynch is one of the toughest running backs to bring down in the NFL, and he routinely trucks over defenders without a problem.

    Camera cords, on the other hand, appear to be his kryptonite. He certainly couldn't stay on his feet against the Baltimore Ravens when one crossed his path.

25. Even the Astros' Fans Can't Play Ball

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    The Houston Astros led the majors in errors this season, and even the team's fans struggle when going after the ball.

    This fan tried diving to catch a foul ball, but he just missed it. By two rows. Lucky for him, the girl who actually got the ball felt bad enough for him to give it to him.

24. When Refs Get Way Too Cut

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    This NBA referee must've watched too many NBA games, because he obviously thought passing behind the back is easy.

    It's not, and especially not for this guy.

23. Fan Gets Lit Up on the Ice

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    It's difficult to run onto the field as a fan, but it's next to impossible to do it when you're running on ice.

    This fan got lit up for his idiocy, and he makes this list over the Phillies fan who got tasered.

22. Jose Canseco's Dome Run

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    Jose Canseco was known best for hitting home runs, but I think he just likes to see the ball fly over the fence.

    He helped Carlos Martinez out on this play, turning a double into a home run with his huge head.

21. Little Girl Throws Back Foul Ball

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    I think we all remember the little girl who threw back the foul ball her dad caught for her at a Phillies game.

    Well, she's back, and she's made this list.

    Surprisingly, she's not the only kid to do this, but she's certainly the most memorable.

20. Robert Green Can't Stop a Nosebleed

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    The United States should have lost to England in the 2010 FIFA World Cup, but Robert Green's stone hands gave the Americans a tie.

    This ball couldn't have been any easier to save, but Green let it roll across the line and gave the U.S. a point in the standings.

19. Kendrick Perkins Passes to the Ref

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    Kendrick Perkins isn't a great passer, but sometimes he doesn't even pass anywhere near his teammates.

    It looked like he was playing dodgeball with this ref.

    To be fair, the ref was wearing the same color as the Celtics.

18. Marion Barber's Failed Back Flip

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    Marion Barber is good at a lot of things, but doing back flips is not one of those things.

    This looks like it hurt.

17. Only Tony Romo Can Ruin an Extra Point

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    It's really hard to mess up an extra point, and I mean really hard.

    Tony Romo found a way to do it on the big stage, however, fumbling the snap after the Cowboys scored a touchdown that should have tied the game, ultimately costing Dallas the game.

16. The Sanchise Block

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    You were probably expecting Mark Sanchez to make this list for another incident, but he deserves two spots.

    Sanchez lined up as a receiver on a wildcat play, and he was just supposed to stand there looking pretty. However, Drayton Florence jumped at him and he flinched like a girl.

    Sanchise tried getting Florence by blocking him when he wasn't looking, but Florence threw him to the ground.

    Marky Mark tried to redeem himself one more time with a diving block from the ground, but he completely missed, marking the third embarrassment on one play.

15. The Hot Dog Hurler

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    Usually fans who interfere at games just want to run onto the field, but when it comes to golf, you're already on the course. So how do you get yourself on TV? Why, just throw a hot dog.

    That's right, a fan threw a hot dog at Tiger Woods. Hey, at least it was relatively original.

14. Ref Helps out Chris Wilcox

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    The best thing an NBA ref can do is affect the game in the smallest way possible.

    However, when things go bad, they often go all the way bad, as is the case in this scenario. A ball that should have gone out ricocheted off a ref and ended up assisting Chris Gentry.

    This might be the only assist in that ref's career, but that's a better stat line than most of us have.

13. Christina Forgot the Words

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    When you've been preparing for something for months, it's expected that you do the little things right.

    Christina Aguilera couldn't even do that when she sang the national anthem at the Super Bowl, completely botching the words.

    Seriously? You can't remember the words to a song that's sung before every game? Wow.

12. Chris Webber's Timeout

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    Chris Webber apparently forgot how many timeouts his team had when he was at Michigan. In this case, it had zero.

    It's not that hard to forget timeouts, though. After all, it's not like there's a giant screen that says how many you have left.

    Oh, wait.

11. Don't Quit on the Play

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    Saving a penalty kick isn't easy. It's even harder when you don't watch the ball after you initially save it.

    Sometimes the ball takes a weird bounce and rolls into the goal. This was one of those times.

    You can't just quit on the play, and this goalie makes this list over the famous cart wheeler who got owned by his opponent.

10. Larry Walker Can't Count to Three

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    Milton Bradley, Larry Walker, Trot Nixon and Damon Hollins have all done it, but that doesn't make it any more excusable.

    Four times in MLB history an outfielder has lost track of outs and given the ball to a fan after making a catch with a runner on base and less than three outs. It just so happens that Walker's instance was the funniest because he started his jog home before dashing back to get the ball back from the fan so he could throw it in.

9. DeSean Jackson Stops Himself on the Goal Line...Twice

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    In a game against the Dallas Cowboys, DeSean Jackson caught a bomb and looked like he could cruise into the end zone without a problem.

    However, Jackson screwed up the play like only he can, dropping the ball just short of the goal line.

    Sadly, this wasn't the first time he forgot to bring the ball into the end zone with him, as he dropped the ball on the 1-yard line in high school as well.

    Is it really that hard to wait until you've actually scored to celebrate?

8. The JaVale McGee Show

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    When it comes to the NBA's dumbest player, JaVale McGee takes the cake.

    There are simply too many bloopers by McGee to pick just one, so sit back, relax and enjoy this highlight reel of his biggest gaffes.

7. Bill Gramatica's Torn ACL

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    Kickers don't often get hurt, but Bill Gramatica suffered one of the worst injuries a kicker can—a torn ACL.

    No, he didn't tear it while trying to make a tackle on a kickoff; he tore it after jumping up and celebrating a converted field goal.

    Luckily, he can still laugh about it today. But that still doesn't make it any less ridiculous.

6. Dan Boyle Wins the Game...For the Other Team

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    Dan Boyle scored a game-winner in just wasn't for his team.

    While trying to clear the puck, Boyle ended up crossing it in front of his own goal, hitting his goalie and giving the other team the game. In Game 3 of the Western Conference Quarterfinals in 2010, no less, giving Colorado a 2-1 series lead. Goalie Evgeni Nabokov gets an honorable mention here for failing to react quickly enough and stop it.

5. Bill Buckner's Infamous Error

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    Say what you will about curses and bad luck, but Bill Buckner's infamous error on a soft ground ball during the 1986 World Series remains one of the biggest bloopers in sports history.

    Costing your team a game is tough. When that game is in the World Series, it's even tougher. When you lose the game on a routine play you've made hundreds of's downright impossible for anyone to forget.

4. Patrik Stefan Misses Open Netter

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    Patrik Stefan could've won the game for his team if he had just put the puck into the open net with seconds remaining and a 5-4 lead over the Oilers in 2007.

    Then he whiffed. Then he fell.

    His team was still up one, however, and could easily hang on with just seven seconds left.

    It didn't.

    Somehow the Oilers got the puck up ice in time for Ales Hemsky to score just before time expired, forcing an overtime and then shootout before Dallas eventually saved face for the 6-5 victory.

    It the worst blooper in hockey history. Stefan almost cost his team a win and left the door open for the Oilers.

3. Julian Wright Can't Even Hit the Rim

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    Julian Wright was good enough to play basketball for one of the best teams in the country...but he couldn't convert a breakaway dunk.

    Heck, Wright couldn't even hit rim with this dunk attempt, coming up short and embarrassing Kansas in the process.

2. Luis Castillo Drops the Ball

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    Luis Castillo is not a bad second baseman. He's a solid defender who makes routine plays without even thinking about it.

    Maybe that's the problem, though, as he let a pop fly to second base fall out of his glove that would have ended the game, leading to the Yankees beating the Mets.

    Talk about a blooper.

1. The Butt Fumble

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    You knew it would be here, and here it is.

    The poverty of language simply cannot describe the terribleness of this play. The Butt Fumble will go down in history as arguably the worst play in the history of football, and with good reason.

    Mark Sanchez's career as a starter in the NFL might be over, but his legacy will live on forevermore with the embarrassment of this play.

    Long live the Butt Fumble!