Ideal 2013 World Series Matchups

Zachary D. RymerMLB Lead WriterSeptember 25, 2013

There are World Series matchups you think could happen, and then there are World Series matchups that you kind of want to see.

B/R MLB analyst Gabe Zaldivar and B/R MLB lead writer Zachary D. Rymer are here to talk about the latter.

We don’t want to give away any spoilers about what’s in the video, but here are a few hints:

Gabe wants to see either that one star-studded team from the Motor City take on that one star-studded and super-expensive team from Tinseltown, or a World Series matchup that would be a sort of rubber match.

As for Zachary, he’d like to see either a super-low-budget affair between teams from the Sunshine State and the Steel City, or a rematch of one of the greatest World Series ever played.

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