Evan Gattis' Foul Ball Splashing Down in Vendor's Tray Is Extremely Entertaining

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterSeptember 25, 2013

Thanks to Evan Gattis' trick-shot skills, we now have Jonathan Lucroy's undivided attention. 

Tuesday night's game between the Atlanta Braves and Milwaukee Brewers didn't exactly offer the intrigue of a late-September playoff race. The Brewers are circling the bottom of the NL Central, and the Braves recently clinched the NL East.

Sure, Atlanta is fighting for the best record in baseball, but Tuesday night was more about just enjoying a late-season game and all the zany antics that follow. 

Enter a foul ball that ended up being one of the more memorable highlights of the night. 

In the second inning of an eventual 3-2 Braves victory, Gattis, Atlanta's catcher turned left fielder, fouls a ball back behind home plate. 

Milwaukee's backstop, Lucroy, jogs over to find the ball is well out of play. That's when an unsuspecting vendor makes the catch of the night. 

The ball splashes what we assume is a drink tray to the amusement of all those around, including Lucroy, who seems to be thoroughly impressed. 

This has been a fantastic few weeks for random acts of athleticism from the stands. There was the ecstatic lady at last Thursday's Astros-Indians game who jumped for joy when she made a great catch, and then the Giants fan who did the same earlier in the month

Now we have vendors making web gems without even trying. 

Soon the season will be over and the stands will be as empty as a Tampa Bay Rays game. You better get your fill of random acts of brilliance coming from the expensive seats while you can. 


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