Tommy Lasorda Feeds Deer to Impress Young Baseball Prospect

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterSeptember 25, 2013

Image via @TommyLasorda
Image via @TommyLasorda

Schmoozing young MLB prospects isn’t an easy job.

There are plane rides, long drives and the daunting task of relating with a kid who’s barely old enough to remember the year 2000.

Does this concern Tommy Lasorda? Not in the least. 

The former Los Angeles Dodgers manager takes a hands-on approach to visiting with prospects, which he illustrated while visiting Kel Johnson—a 17-year-old budding baseball talent from Georgia.

According to Joe Kinsey of Busted Coverage, Lasorda recently paid a visit to Johnson’s Georgia residence and wound up feeding deer and eating pie with the young star.

Johnson is a 6’4” stud outfielder who has committed to Georgia Tech and played for Team USA’s U-18 national squad. Judging by his draft profile, Johnson is considered a powerful hitter with high upside coming into the 2014 MLB draft. 

Lasorda was visiting for reasons unknown, but judging by Johnson’s tweets, it’s safe to say he made an impression on the 17-year-old.

Johnson tweeted the following:

Hanging out eating some apple pie with ! What a guy

Dinner with Tommy Lasorda>>> 😂😂😂 #AmericanIcon ⚾️

Lasorda was tight with Reagan, Jimmy Carter, George W, Frank Sinatra, and countless others and he is as humble a guy as I've met

I'm officially a fan ⚾️

The trip also involved Lasorda watching Johnson take cuts in the batting cage, which I can only hope is located near the deer pen.

That’s how you do it, ladies and gentlemen. When you’re in someone else’s home and you’re looking to get on their good side, you might have to feed a deer or two.

It’s great to see Lasorda—an 86-year-old man—getting out there and having fun with a potential future star in the league.

So the next time you hit the snooze button in the morning, remember that Lasorda is already awake, dressed and probably nourishing wildlife somewhere. You lazy bum.


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