Troy Polamalu 'Haircut' Will Not Be Nearly as Awesome as Expected

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Troy Polamalu 'Haircut' Will Not Be Nearly as Awesome as Expected
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You know that lame joke people say when you tell them you “got a hair cut?”

If you don’t remember it, they say, “Did you get all of them cut?” and then you walk away hating them. I bring this up because Troy Polamalu isn’t getting all of his hair cut, he’s just snipping a few locks.

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Polamalu recently announced over Facebook that he would be getting a haircut on Veterans Day as a show of support for the Veterans of Foreign Wars Mane Event charity drive.

His haircut is being billed as the first he’s had in 10 years, however, the clipping won’t be half as drastic as you probably imagined.

According to TMZ, Polamalu will not be cutting all his hair. Not even close.

The gossip website spoke with a representative from Head & Shoulders who confirmed that their main sponsored athlete will not be shaving his head for the event. 

The haircut is very “ceremonial,” meaning Polamalu will only be cutting off a few locks to show solidarity with the event. No clippers, no mound of curly fur on the floor.

Some of you may be feeling a bit deceived.

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Personally, I was excited to see what Polamalu would look like with a buzz cut and even more interested to see if we could use his magical hair to power our own floating city.

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However, if you were one of Polamalu’s fans who didn’t want to see his beautiful hair go, this comes as a relief. The mane will live to see another day. It’s Polamalu’s trademark, after all—a trademark Head & Shoulders insured for $1 million in 2010.

They say there’s always money in the banana stand, and the same goes for Polamalu’s locks. That hairdo is like three feet of spun gold, and it isn't going anywhere.

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