Orton Will Win This Steel Cage Match at Extreme Rules 2009

Bernice NoparatContributor IMay 19, 2009

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Everyone it's me, Bernice here.

As you all know Randy Orton got himself intentionally disqualified at Judgement Day to retain his WWE championship. I know it is Orton classic storyline.

But let face it. It is not his fault Batista also got help from Ric Flair.

It's a great idea that WWE RAW general manager Vickie Guerrero told the champion Randy Orton that he will be defending his title once again in steel cage against Batista. I really empathize with Orton's words.

He glared at Vickie and told her that he is the WWE champion, and she can't book him in a steel cage match without consulting him, and that she better not get on his bad side.

I do agree with him, but let's face it.

Not like I am against him or anything, but I really hope that Randy won't back out of this match just because he has to face Batista in a steel cage. To prove to everyone wrong that he is not a cowardly-viper-like WWE champion.

I really hope Randy won't get hurt by Batista before Extreme Rules.

Well, thank God, both of them are locked inside the steel cage with no one to help them. Finally, both of them can settle this like men.

Maybe, finally, Orton can beat the living hell out of Batista like a vicious ruthless devious viper like the WWE champion that he is. Before he can finally hit him with a devastating RKO or maybe even worse hit him with a vicious punt right across his head.

OK, I know this steel cage match at Extreme Rules is going to get very messy. With a crazy-great ending I wonder whether they will use steel chair or steel steps on that day. 

But it's strange though, I got a feeling that Randy will win this steel cage match at Extreme Rules 2009 and defeat Batista fair and square, and he'll still walk out of WWE Extreme Rules the WWE champion.

Let's go! The WWE champion Randy Orton.

Chapter three of the age of Orton WWE championship reign will carry on at Extreme Rules 2009.

What do you all think?

Slithering out,