CM Punk's Feud with Heyman Will Stagnate After Ryback's Inclusion

Sharon GlencrossContributor ISeptember 25, 2013

Heyman and Ryback, now best friends. Photo courtesy of
Heyman and Ryback, now best friends. Photo courtesy of

So, Ryback is Paul Heyman’s newest client.

Nay, newest best friend, at least judging by how fondly Heyman seems to regard the behemoth.

And, as mentioned on Monday, Ryback and CM Punk will face off at the Battleground pay-per-view on October 6. No doubt Punk will still be trying to get his hands on his former manager during the bout too.

On the bright side, at least the dull, rather boring Curtis Axel has been relegated to the back burner for the time being.

Heyman badly needed a new project and has apparently found it in the muscle-bound form of Ryback.

Punk finds out he's been booked in a match with Ryback. Photo courtesy of
Punk finds out he's been booked in a match with Ryback. Photo courtesy of

But, really, couldn’t the former Nexus member's involvement in the angle be an indicator that this whole storyline is going to grow stagnant?

In all honestly, the Heyman/Punk feud should have probably ended at Night of Champions.

Punk should have gotten his hands on his former friend, beaten him to a pulp and gotten the pin. Then he could have moved on to to another angle.

There doesn’t seem to be much point in this storyline continuing; it just seems like WWE can’t think of anything else for Punk to do right now.

Ryback, while he has an impressive look, clearly isn’t the guy to turn this angle around. If anything, his presence may ensure it goes down the tubes even quicker.

Ryback has never really recovered from his botched babyface push in 2012 and early 2013. You know, when WWE should have gone all the way with him and given him the championship but instead chose to job him out constantly.

A totally random heel turn after WrestleMania didn’t improve his prospects much either, and the star has been doing nothing of note throughout most of the summer. (The bullying angle, which ultimately went nowhere, was pretty abysmal.)

The storyline on Monday's Raw, in which he and Curtis Axel viciously took out Punk, was decent television—and, wow, did that bump on the table look absolutely nasty—but how long can they keep it up?

Punk, who's been battling nagging injuries for what seems like ages now, can't keep taking crazy bumps just to get Ryback and this feud over. His body simply can't handle it.

It's doubtful the pair's match at Battleground will be up to much either. Punk can be great when he wants to be, of course, but just how much can he get out of his foe?

OK, so on the surface, the inclusion of Ryback looks to be a boon for the Heyman/Punk rivalry.

But, look closer, and you'll see this is only a small Band-Aid that will do little to revive this fading storyline.