Damian Lillard Drops 'License to Lillard' Trailer to Preview 2013-14 Season

Dan FavaleFeatured ColumnistSeptember 24, 2013

James Bond's license to kill has nothing on this.

Damian Lillard posted a "License to Lillard" teaser video on YouTube, complete with on- and off-court highlights from his Rookie of the Year campaign.

What is a "License to Lillard," you ask? Nothing like your license to drive, fish or sell seashells by the sea shore.

"Probably wasn't even supposed to make it to the NBA," Lillard says to kick off the video.

Cue background music that sounds like it's coming from a violin hooked up to an amp and being strung on by a bow without any rosin.

Before Lillard finished his only line, one could easily and correctly assume the nature of his hypothetical license—defying the odds only to dominate in style.

Lillard previously starred in a series of videos that documented his journey from Weber State to the NBA draft. In them he talked about the stigma surrounding him coming from a school where he didn't face the most lethal of competition, among other things.

Think of this trailer as an extension of those earlier "License to Lillard" episodes, where the point guard will likely provide insight into his life now.

I imagine a lot has changed for him since leaving college, after all. Skeptics are probably less prominent while supporters are boarding a bandwagon unfit to hold that many people.

There aren't many who are doubting the Portland Trail Blazers point guard now. Expectations have only soared following his inaugural campaign, during which he notched 19 points and 6.5 assists per game. He's gone from an underdog to a potential superstar.

As far as official documentation goes, I'd trade in my license to camp for Lillard's license to take the sporting world by storm any day of the week.