A WWE Solution: Expose Talent by Rotating the Roster

Dustin SpeakerCorrespondent IMay 19, 2009

Many of the superstars have moves in their arsenals that just don't get used anymore. We all know the issue is that the WWE is concerned with injuring the talent, but there is always one good solution for this problem.

I believe that rotating the talent could allow for bigger repertoires of moves, allow for better matches, and up the realism of a worked sport. They could also avoid making the cruiser weights act as training bags for the heavy weights. After viewing the match between Kaval and Tyson Kidd from FCW, I find that these cruiser weights put on some of the best matches—faster action is the first reason why.

But let's get back to the concept of rotating the talent around. It wouldn't kill anyone to rotate the midcard matches. Simply put, because the WWE has hired more talent than it can handle, some talent gets pushed down our throats while some languish in a career limbo.

Due to the overpopulation of talent, there has to be something done, especially with RAW and their poor choice of moving 90 percent of the main eventers to said show. SmackDown and ECW have continued to improve, but if they started to allow Punk to use his submission holds, as well as letting other talent use their full range of moves, matches would be just that much better.

It might even help people forget some of these horrible gimmicks. By rotating for more talent exposure, injured wrestlers would have more time to rest.

All of this would result in better shows for all brands, and you know a little less hype of talent might help ratings, too.