The 25 Biggest Bloopers of the Year

Kevin W. Ryan@@kevry88Contributor IIISeptember 27, 2013

The 25 Biggest Bloopers of the Year

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    Professional athletes worldwide are getting paid millions upon millions of dollars for their incredible talent and unsurpassed athleticism.

    What sports fans never mind seeing, though, is when these rich and talented athletes allow for human error to take over during a game.

    Here are the 25 biggest bloopers of 2013...enjoy.

Fashionably Late

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    NBA fans, and basically anyone who caught a glimpse at ESPN during the offseason of the 2012-13 NBA season, were subject to one of the most over-hyped teams in sports history. 

    With the new additions of Steve Nash and Dwight Howard, the starting five of the Lakers showed "superstar" promise heading into the season. 

    During the first game of Howard's short career as a Laker, point guard and team comedian Steve Nash orchestrated this hilarious prank on Dwight Howard. It was fun, Laker Nation. 

Celebration Fail

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    While Utah State's football program and offensive lineman Eric Schultz are showing major promise during the 2013 campaign, their touchdown celebrations could use a little work.  

    This epic fail occurred during preseason training camp, and Schutlz is seen throwing wide receiver Bruce Natson into the air after Natson catches a touchdown pass. 

    Natson weighs about 151 pounds—more than half the size of Schultz who tips the scales at over 300 pounds. 

Shannon Brown Dunk Fail

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    During a promotional trip overseas, Phoenix Suns point guard Shannon Brown attempted some contest-worthy slam dunks—and failed. 

    This specific event was held in Latvia, and the courageous people lying on the court that Brown was trying to dunk over surely did not expect this. 

Aaron Ross Failed Interception

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    During a preseason matchup with Andrew Luck's Indianapolis Colts, New York Giants defensive back Aaron Ross attempted to catch what was basically a free interception and failed. Miserably. 

    Not only did Ross drop the interception near the goal line, he tipped the ball back into the air toward Reggie Wayne for a touchdown. 

    In his defense, if he could catch he'd probably be on the offensive side of the ball.

Big League Promise

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    Here's an adorable kid who was handed a foul ball that landed nearby and did the only logical thing—throw that sucker back on the field. 

    This happened at a mid-April A's vs. Tigers game, and the kid really impressed MLB scouts. All he needs to do now is get on base

High Fly Ball, I Think...

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    Sitting under the San Diego sun can be extremely relaxing, so if you're an outfielder playing in the beautiful Petco Park, remember to stop thinking about babes in bikinis or the always-satisfying California burrito. 

    Miami Marlins outfielder Marcel Ozuna was clearly a victim of this clouded thinking and lost a fly ball in the sky. Luckily for Ozuna, there was nothing he could do anyway because the ball sailed directly over his head into the seats for a home run. 




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    In the final 30 seconds of the third quarter against Western Conference foe San Antonio, Jerryd Bayless attempted an alley-oop pass to teammate Rudy Gay for an unguarded two points. 

    Instead, Bayless' errant pass was nowhere near Gay and resulted in a costly turnover. 

Impressive Injury

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    Meet 19-year-old Maurides, who epicly celebrated after scoring the first goal of his professional career. 

    Unfortunately for the young forward, he did not stick the landing and was carted off the field after spraining his knee during the celebration. 

Geno Smith's Instant Safety

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    Geno Smith has had a very rocky start to his NFL career. After falling to the 39th pick in the draft (when he thought he'd be taken in the top 10), Smith saw some playing time in the preseason and made one of the most juvenile mistakes any NFL player could make: running directly out of the end zone for a safety. 

    In case you're wondering why the Jets draft Smith in the first place, remember that the former West Virginia signal caller threw for 656 yards and eight touchdowns in a shootout against No. 25 Baylor.  

Back to Back Fumbles

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    This is one of the most ridiculous plays in NFL history. 

    First, the Chargers drive the ball all the way to the goal line only to have starting running back Ryan Matthews fumble the ball. Instead of taking the free possession when they were likely to give up a touchdown or a field goal, Arizona Cardinal Rashad Johnson picked up the fumble and tried to pitch it back to a teammate, who also fumbled it. 

    The result of the play is a fumble recovery for a touchdown by the offensive player. Good thing there is no box score...

Soccer Fail

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    Soccer is the most simple sport in the world. This is one example of how to make the game far more challenging. 

    Instead of taking the corner, Armenian right winger Aras Özbiliz trips over the corner flag while attempting to inbound the ball—putting the ball in play before falling on top of it with his hands.  


Florida Atlantic's 4th Down Fail

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    During a Friday night game against Miami U, the Florida Atlantic head coach told his quarterback to spike the ball and stop the clock. After all, it was the 4th quarter with only 15 seconds remaining. 

    Unfortunately for Florida Atlantic, no one told coach that it was 4th down until it was too late, and spiking the ball resulted in a turnover. 

Premature Celebration

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    In the first NFL game of the 2013 season, Denver Bronco Danny Trevathan intercepted a Joe Flacco pass and had an easy 35-yard return for a touchdown.

    Trevathan ran into the end zone untouched by any Baltimore Raven and started celebrating too early.

    Danny dropped the ball two entire yards short of the end zone, resulting in a fumble and no touchdown. Luckily for Trevathan, his quarterback set an NFL record by throwing for seven touchdowns that night in their blowout win. 


Gift to the United States

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    There is no question that Germany's soccer history trumps that of the United States.

    During a June qualifier for the World Cup, however, Germany's defense collapsed on itself and gave the United States a 2-0 lead after one of the worst soccer blunders in recent history. 


Empty Net Miss

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    In a friendly match between Guatemala and Argentina, forward Marco Pappa blows by defenders and dangles his way to an empty net.

    Pappa created an amazing opportunity to score, however the over-excitement got to him and forced him to trip over himself and completely miss the opportunity. Argentina ended up defeated Pappa's Guatemalan squad 4-0. 

Belisario's Blunder

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    The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

    Dodgers relief man Ronald Belisario single-handedly blew a game for Los Angeles when he bobbled a short grounder and then airmailed his teammate trying to get the out at second base. 

    The Venezuelan is also known for his wild attempt at a behind-the-back flip to first base, that also failed miserably. 

White Sox Blow Win on Easy Fly Ball

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    In a late-June interleague matchup with the New York Mets, the Chicago White Sox were one fly ball away from sealing the win. 

    After a routine popup, second baseman Gordon Beckham raced to make the final out and inadvertently crashed into the third baseman who was prepared to make the easy play.

    Beckham knocked over his teammate and the ball got away—eventually letting in the two game-tying runs. The Sox would go on to win the game 5-4. 


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    Sergio Garcia definitely had the most epic meltdown on the PGA Tour this year. 

    To make matters worse, just two days before this epic meltdown on the 17th hole, Garcia and Woods publicly expressed their disinterest for one another. 

    Garcia was two shots ahead of Tiger before this epic blooper. 


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    On June 28th, Grzegorz Proksa went toe-to-toe with Sergio Mora with hopes of taking the WBC Jr. Middleweight belt. 

    Without the complete whiff of a punch (at 2:06 of this video) this was a very entertaining fight, however airmailing a left hook and then falling into the ropes is never a good sign in professional boxing. 

Back-to-Back Own Goals

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    An own goal in soccer is not the easiest mistake to overcome. 

    For John Walters of Stoke City, two own goals in the same game will take quite some time to overcome. He also airmailed a penalty kick in this 4-0 loss to Chelsea. 

Tim Lincecum Is Tripping

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    Tim Lincecum has compiled one of the most exciting and rocky careers among current big leaguers.

    After taking home two Cy Young Awards on top of helping the San Francisco Giants win two World Series titles in three years, Lincecum has lost velocity and seen his ERA skyrocket. 

    During this May 25 matchup at Colorado, Lincecum tripped and fell during a pitch attempt, resulting in a balk—not to mention an awkward moment. 

Shades of Jose Canseco

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    During a 9-7 game against the reigning American League Champion Detroit Tigers, Indians outfielder Michael Bourn tried to catch a Miguel Cabrera fly ball near the warning track and accidentally knocked the ball over the fence. 

    Jose Canseco famously committed the same folly, which is famously known as "The Dome Run."


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    During Game 3 of the 2013 Western Conference Finals, Marc Gasol attempted to pass the ball to a teammate before defender Tim Duncan deflected it right back into Gasol's face. IN THE FACEEEEEE

    The Spurs eventually won the series and faced the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals. 

Mets Make Multiple Errors

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    On June 18 the Mets and Cubs were a combined 25 games under .500, and the three runs that the Cubs scored were a clear indication as to why. 

    Bob Costas ripped the Mets, Cubs and Western Civilization in general with this hilarious commentary of the game. 

Butt Fumble

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    In case a 49-19 blowout on Thanksgiving isn't enough to get you down, Mark Sanchez's epic "butt fumble" will surely do the trick. 

    This play was so overplayed that ESPN even released a Sports Science behind it.