WWE Raw Handicap Match Highlights Need for More Stars to Join Triple H's Regime

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterSeptember 24, 2013

Photo: WWE
Photo: WWE

The handicap match from Monday's WWE Raw shined a light on the lopsided nature of the war between Triple H and the company's babyfaces.

Triple H's regime is going to have to grow in order to maximize this storyline and to highlight as many Superstars as possible.

Building toward Battleground and beyond, Triple H must reestablish his dominance by adding new members to his squad.                                                                              

Monday's main event provided the fan favorites with the numbers advantage that has been The Shield's strength for so long. Daniel Bryan and his allies took down The Shield in an 11-on-3 handicap match.

It was a cathartic experience to see the bullies in black finally play the victims, fending off the circling wolves around them.

The entertaining bout saw superkicks clang against teeth, Roman Reigns go on a spear rampage and Seth Rollins do his best General Custer impression. As fun a match as it was, though, this isn't a well WWE can go to regularly.

Seth Rollins finds himself surrounded. (Photo: WWE.com)
Seth Rollins finds himself surrounded. (Photo: WWE.com)

Putting The Shield in every match associated with this story can get old quickly.

Too many handicap matches run the risk of making folks look weak. A more even battle of two stables—an army of good against an army of evil—makes for better entertainment. Otherwise, WWE is going to be forced to leave too many Superstars on the bench.

Before the handicap match, Cody Rhodes and Goldust donned hoodies and attacked The Shield. Add those two names to the good guys looking for a place to send their wrath.

Trying to book Battleground in one's head makes it clear that there aren't enough options on the dark side to put the pieces together properly. It's a puzzle that in its current state leaves too many blank spaces once it's done.

Randy Orton is facing Bryan for the WWE Championship, but what about the rest of the card?

WWE could have Rhodes and Goldust take on Reigns and Rollins while Dean Ambrose battles Dolph Ziggler, but that leaves both The Usos and The Prime Time Players out.

WWE also has a shot to reinvigorate the careers of both R-Truth and Zack Ryder by inserting them into this burgeoning battle more often, but who do they face?

Justin Gabriel and Kofi Kingston could be throwaway pieces or else they could be valuable soldiers in a memorable war.

Triple H simply needs a bigger alliance to accomplish that.

He can recruit via intimidation, manipulation or extortion, but he needs more pawns at his disposal for this story to maintain momentum.

Here is the perfect opportunity to give the Wyatt Family a definite direction. Triple H can hire the wild brawlers, but struggle to control them. They would be the beasts Triple H sends after his enemies while hoping they don't first destroy him first.

To punish Ryder and Gabriel, have them get in the ring with Erick Rowan and Luke Harper in a No Disqualification match.

The Wyatts require no payoff, no motivation beyond the promise of violence.

Wade Barrett stands a chance to gain a ton from this storyline as well. As an official corporate goon, he can be used to beat up whoever Triple H points to. Have him attack his foes before the bell rings or have the referee be afraid to disqualify him even though he whacks his opponent with a chair.

Photo: WWE
Photo: WWE

Why not have Big E. Langston be an enforcer for the group as well?

If this story is going to dominate WWE programming for the foreseeable future, it only makes sense for it benefit the most Superstars as possible.

Bryan can continue to be the hero, the leader and the main benefactor of the drama unfolding, but bringing more men into the fold works to develop multiple feuds within feuds and showcases a large percentage of the roster.

Triple H put together the odd sight of an 11-on-3 match on Monday because he just didn't have more bullets to fire. It's time to even those numbers, for Triple H to take back control of Raw by way of added manpower.