Whoo! Flair Returns to Help Batista Fall Short and Get Put Over By Orton

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIMay 18, 2009


Wasn't it great to see the "Nature Boy" Ric Flair come back at Judgement Day? Must have been even better to see him return and get in that arrogant Randy Orton's face this past Monday Night on Raw. Unfortunately, he got punched in the mouth for all of his troubles but hey, he's the Nature Boy so let's just say "whooo" anyway.

Now with all jokes aside, I really did like seeing Ric Flar return. I feel he's good for the business and I love getting to see him work with this generation's Ric Flar, albiet Randy Orton is far greater.

So the main event of Raw this Monday Night was to see Batista and John Cena take on The Legacy (Now, what happened the last time we saw that match?).

Of course since retaining the WWE Championship is the most important thing in all of Ortonism, I did what I usually do and rooted hard for Batista to get his victories out of the way, when they matter the least.

To add a delicious dose of feces on top of this nostalgic Evolutionistic Monday Night Raw, Ric Flair got to stick his abnormally large nose in the business of Randy Orton, helping Batista capture a clean victory.

It was about as sweet as watching Batista do the Ric Flair strut after the match. I guess that about sums up the intensity he will be bringing to the table in three weeks, or at least I so hope.

To make things even better, Ric Flair will be calling out Randy Orton next week on Raw.

Now while I love this angle, there is one major issue that struck me right away and it should come as no surprise that the Nature Boy was completely oblivious.

How many times has someone come to the ring and called Orton out in the hopes of engaging in a one-on-one physical confrontation, and actually had any luck in having that happen?

By my count, zero (although he might have when he was sucking the fans' a** as a baby-face in 2004).

The reason, of course, is because Orton is smarter than everyone who gets in his way. He WAS one-on-one in the ring with Flair this week and while Flair came damn close to having a stroke by letting out one too many "whoos," Orton punched him right in the face for acting like a moron.

Never the less, expect the president of the Randy Orton Fan Club to be pulling hard for the Nature Boy this coming Monday. Let's hope that Flair carries on the Batistic tradition of coming out on top when it matters the least, only to have evolution pass him by when it matters the most.