Top 20 WWE Babyfaces of All Time

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Top 20 WWE Babyfaces of All Time
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For almost its entire existence, WWE has been a babyface-driven promotion.  While every promotion had top babyfaces, most others would rotate in heel champions that the babyfaces would chase.  A few, like Detroit Big Time Wrestling with The Sheik, were built around babyfaces trying to knock off a seemingly unbeatable top heel.

Not in WWE.  There are a few exceptions (most notably Billy Graham, Yokozuna and Triple H), but the company has been built around unbeatable babyfaces going back to even before they adopted the WWWF name in 1964.

Before we rattle off the list, here are a few notes about honorable mentions and other omissions:

  • Andre the Giant was only a full-time babyface in the WWF for a few years in the mid-'80s, as he was a touring attraction before the national expansion.
  • Even though it was effectively the same promotion, I'm using the adoption of of the WWWF name in 1963 as the cutoff, so Antonino Rocca and Miguel Perez aren't listed.
  • Junkyard Dog was a shell of his former self when he arrived in the WWF in 1984, battling a number of personal problems.  He was still an entertaining character, but he had been the most charismatic babyface in the world a few years earlier.  JYD was awesome, but not so much in the WWF.
  • Similarly, a lot of other major stars ended up in WWE at some point or another but don't belong on a WWE-centric list for a variety of reasons, whether it's Jerry Lawler, Kerry Von Erich, Jimmy Snuka, El Hijo Del Santo, Ricky Morton, Edouard Carpentier or others along those lines.  Others, like Ted DiBiase, spent most of their time in WWE as heels.

Many of the above would have spots on business-wide lists but just don't fit on one that's WWE-centric.

Now, let's start the actual countdown.

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