WWE Battleground 2013: Smart Swerves That Would Stun Fans

Sharon GlencrossContributor ISeptember 24, 2013

Orton and Bryan will face off at Battleground (from WWE.com)
Orton and Bryan will face off at Battleground (from WWE.com)

At next month's Battleground pay-per-view, fans should expect a few shocking swerves as the Corporation angle heats up.

Per the storyline, poor Big Show—under the threat of financial ruin—is being forced to go along with Triple H's heinous plans.

The weepy, distraught Big Show hasn't exactly been shy about expressing his unhappiness—it seems any episode of Raw these days can't pass without him bursting into tears and telling people how very sorry he is.

He did, thankfully, manage to take out The Miz on Raw with no melodramatics. (Maybe he just really doesn't like the guy.)

But, looking closer, is it possible this is all just an act on the giant's part to camouflage his true feelings? Maybe all this over-the-top weeping is a cover for his true loyalty to the new corporate regime?

Big Show does some thinking about his current booking (from WWE.com)
Big Show does some thinking about his current booking (from WWE.com)

Has he, in fact, been aligned with Triple H and Stephanie all along? Hey, it's not like Big Show is any stranger to siding with management—check out the 2011 angle in which he served as John Laurinaitis' enforcer and right-hand man.

With this in mind, don't be too surprised if Big Show comes out on October 6 and costs Daniel Bryan the WWE Championship in his rematch with Randy Orton.

It makes sense. Orton needs the belt to establish his credibility and Bryan is far better when he's a wronged babyface chasing the title. Bryan, once again, getting screwed out of the Championship would put even more heat on The Corporation.

Besides, this ultra-emotional Big Show character is fast getting tiresome. He's not sympathetic, he's annoying. The 41-year-old desperately needs to return to being the remorseless, butt-kicking monster he used to be.

Turning at Battleground, and shocking the WWE Universe in the process, would be a good start.

It's also possible—maybe even likely—that another face will run in during the bout and cost Bryan the title.

Could Cody be at the pay-per-view? (from WWE.com)
Could Cody be at the pay-per-view? (from WWE.com)

We're lead to believe the the faces on the roster are rallying behind the star and kicking back against The Corporation—Raw's main event emphasized this—but how much can Bryan really trust his newfound allies?

It isn't that hard to imagine a midcarder like Titus O'Neil or Zack Ryder betraying Bryan in exchange for the money, power and opportunities that come with being in the good graces with Triple H and Stephanie, is it? Such a move would also help put the spotlight onto an underrated rank-and-file performer who could surely use the exposure.

Judging by Cody and Dustin Rhodes' shock run-in just before the main event on Monday's Raw, the brothers may also make an appearance at the pay-per-view to avenge The Corporation's recent treatment of their family. It would make sense—and be a good way to jump-start the current Rhodes vs. McMahons angle.

Summarily, if nothing else, Battleground will be a newsworthy pay-per-view that will develop the angle with The Corporation and provide enough twists and turns to keep it going for the next year.

Now let's just hope there's enough intrigue and interest in the main matches and angles to deliver a decent buy rate and justify the company's faith in the current Corporation angle. It would be such a shame to see such a promising storyline end early.