Breaking Down Keyshawn Johnson's Dancing with the Stars Week 2 Performance

Jesse ReedCorrespondent ISeptember 23, 2013

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After watching Keyshawn Johnson on Dancing With the Stars on Monday night, it's clear rhythm isn't a requisite trait in pro athletes. 

Elite athletes like Johnson are used to being the best at most sports-related activities, but the former NFL star receiver and current ESPN analyst was the first dancer ousted in Season 17 of Dancing With the Stars

Marine biologist David Shiffman was one of likely many science nerds who were thrilled to see Johnson go before Bill Nye the Science Guy:

The second week of action commenced on Monday night, and the contestants did their best to wow the judges and the watching crowd with renditions of the Salsa, the Jive and the Paso Doble. 

These dances require not only a strong sense of balance and excellent technique, but they also require effortless rhythm. 

Johnson, unfortunately, didn't display any of these traits when he hit the dance floor with partner Sharna.

His lack of prowess on the dance floor didn't stop some people from falling for his million-dollar smile, however. 

Chelsie Hightower, who is a regular on the show, admitted she was smitten by his adorable mug, as did Gossip and Gab, which made no bones about slamming his abilities on the dance floor:

After his performance, Johnson commented on his lack of natural rhythm, saying, "I don't even bob my head in the car," as noted by Shelly Moore of Big Brother 13:

Johnson's final score illustrated his shortcomings, as he and Sharna earned just 18 of the 35 possible points to land on the cut list. 

The former NFL star deserves credit for his efforts on DWTS. It's not easy for a man of his size to do well in an event like this, and while judge Bruno loved his effort, he said Johnson seemed "overwhelmed" by routines, as noted by Dory Larrabee of Hollywood Life.

NFL fans will now have to wait until next season to watch a player on Dancing With the Stars. Johnson was the only professional athlete chosen in this year's show, which makes it all the more surprising that he was the first to go. 


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