The 31 Best Twitter Follows for World Football Supporters

Alex Richards@@AA_RichardsContributor ISeptember 24, 2013

El Kun's happy with his Twitter choices
El Kun's happy with his Twitter choicesLaurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Since its advent, social media, and in particular Twitter, has changed the way in which the world watches, talks and thinks about football.

For supporters across the globe, Twitter has brought football news, opinions and views, not to mention analysis and humour, all under one roof.

Journalists, bloggers, statisticians, broadcasters and other experts are now more accessible than ever, whether it be before, during or after games and they've changed the way that we watch matches.

Now, whether watching the action at home, down the pub or on the roadnot literally of courseTwitter on computers, mobiles and tablets is ensuring that football fans discuss events in more ways, and far quicker, than they have ever done before.

There's a broad spectrum of people to follow out thereall in, the platform encompasses over 550 million active users (according to needless to say, there's more than a few who tweet passionately about the Beautiful Game.

But how do you separate the sublime from the ridiculous? I mean, you don't want a timeline that's just got you reading Piers Morgan's thoughts on Arsenal and has a load of "banterific lads" all tweeting the same rubbish. 

With that being said, the following is a list of some of Twitter's best footballing authorities, offering informative writing, tactical and statistical analysis and more than a little bit of flair from across the globe.

Certainly some of the great and good will have been missed offfeel free to add those to the comments belowbut the following represents a list of 30 Tweeters who are must follows as far as the footballing landscape is concerned:


Gabriele Marcotti @Marcotti

One of the lead authorities on European football for more than a decade, but perhaps most sought after for his views on all things calcio, Gabriele Marcotti can be found tweeting his views on just about anything football related. Extremely knowledgeable and never shy of offering an opinion.


James Horncastle @JamesHorncastle

European football writer with a particular focus on Serie A who can be found in a number of publications. Offers interesting thoughts and excellent information making him a must follow for those interested in the Scudetto. 


Guillem Balague @GuillemBalague

Keeping Sky Sports Spanish football watchers smiling for a number of years now, Guillem Balague is the go-to guy for the major happenings in La Liga. Never short of an opinion and always happy to tell what he knows. Nearly 500,000 followers can't be wrong. 


Raphael Honigstein @Honigstein

Studious and astute on the Bundesliga and beyond, the Bavaria native's weekly German column on the Guardian website is a must read for Bundesliga supporters. Mixing great insight and information with no shortage of humour, he's regularly seen now in the UK on BT Sport. 


Philippe Auclair @PhilippeAuclair

A football writer, biographer and broadcaster of some repute, Philippe Auclair has been the England correspondent of France Football for over a decade. A bestselling author, he tweets reams of intelligent thoughts both in English and French. 


Jonathan Wilson @jonawils

The brains behind the brilliance that is the football quarterly, The Blizzard, author of a number excellent historical analogues such as Inverting the Pyramid, oracle on all things Eastern European and long-suffering Sunderland supporter. Seemingly always on the move but very much an interesting follow. 


Michael Cox @ZonalMarking

Tweeting and writing about the intricacies of football tactics, Michael Cox is the strategy guy, picking apart the on-field mechanisms that decide matches and explaining them in a clear, concise fashion. Educational, interesting and always interactive with followers, though not a fan of Owen Coyle. 


Rory Smith @RorySmithTimes

Football writer for The Times meaning much of his work is up behind a pay wall, but his intelligent tweets on all things Premier League and European are all available for free. Intermingling concise thoughts with great wit, he's well worth your time. 


Mohamed Moallim @jouracule

Football writer for FourFourTwo and WhoScored, Mohamed Moallim is an outstanding follow for those interested in the Eredivisie and Dutch football.


Andy Brassell @andybrassell

A freelance European football writer with knowledge stretching from Iberia to Istanbul. A great interactive offering of opinion and information regarding much of what goes on in mainland Europe.


Henry Winter @henrywinter

The Daily Telegraph football correspondent and columnist for the Sunday Telegraph with over 600,000 followers, tweets both fast and accurate facts revolving around the Premier League as well as carefully considered opinion. Bridges the gap between journalists and supporters rather well also.


Sid Lowe @sidlowe

All things Spanish football are the business of Sid Lowe and his mixture of knowledge, humorous anecdotes and opinions—mostly regarding La Liga—make for interesting reading. 


Iain Macintosh @iainmacintosh

Come for the information, stay for the humour: Iain Macintosh mixes insight and reasoning with some of the funniest comments those debating football will read. Co-Author of "Football Manager Stole My Life" if you aren't following him already, then why not? 


Soccer Guy @usasoccerguy

According to his bio, Soccer Guy is an "expert soccer journalist, especially on the English EPL League." It's not informative in the slightest, but it's downright funny and makes a wonderful change to the more intellectual follows on your timeline.


Grant Wahl @GrantWahl

Senior writer with Sports Illustrated and New York Times best-selling author, Grant Wahl offers both a Stateside perspective on world football in addition to his thoughts on all things MLS and regarding the US national side.  


Sam Kelly @Hegs_com

Based in Buenos Aires, Sam Kelly is the guy to go to if you've a question or any interest in Argentine football. He mixes in-depth knowledge with a brilliant writing style and a pleasant demeanour. Also live tweets and offers his thoughts on most games concerning the Argentine championship


Ben Shave @benshave

For all things Portuguese football, Ben Shave is a must follow for anyone with an interest in the Liga Sagres. Concise and thoughtful, while discussions about Porto and Benfica may well take up most of his time, has fantastic knowledge across the board.


IBWM @inbedwimaradona

A site revolving around World football away from the mainstream, their tagline is more than apt: "We do things differently here." Utterly magnificent website full of sublime writing, you'll go for one article and end up reading for hours.


Sportingintelligence @sportingintel

Home to Nick Harris and his "perpetually sceptical attempt to make sense of sport's relationship with money," @sportingintel is informed thinking which asks the questions of football's money men that you wish you'd thought of.


101 Great Goals @101greatgoals

The place to go to for all the very best goals and skills from across the globe showcasing all the best goals they can get their hands on, no matter the league. Posts the occasional blooper just for kicks also.


Swiss Ramble @SwissRamble

A British ex-patriarch blogging from Zurich with regards the footballing business, each blog post explores its topic with a CSI-esque level of detail. Always thorough and always willing to answer tweets regarding his incredibly detailed offerings.


Don Garber @thesoccerdon

The Commissioner of Major League Soccer, a good follow for all things MLS in the present climate, particularly as the season reaches its climax and with the planned league expansion.


Sky Sports News @SkySportsNews

The official twitter of the television channel, it tweets the news as soon as it comes in, without the need to witness a suited man standing in front of a giant iPad whenever the transfer window rolls round.


The Opta family @OptaJoe & Others 

Quick, focused analysis and illuminating statistical insights from a variety of leagues across the globe, the Opta family have proven themselves a great resource, no matter whether it's Joe, Franz, Jean or Jose. @WhoScored

"The largest detailed football statistics website, covering Europe's top leagues and more" @WhoScored does exactly what it says on the tin; facts, facts and more facts.


Squawka Football @Squawka

Another wonderful site devoted to football statistics and analysis, covering a number of leagues across Europe, as well as Mexico and the United States. Offering player comparisons and making use of some wonderful graphical features, it makes for both interesting reading and colourful viewing.


Miguel Delaney @MiguelDelaney

London-based football writer whose own site, The Football Pantheon, attempts to properly rank football's greatest teams/players/moments and more. Offers plenty of intelligent thoughts and is always prepared to back them up.


Daniel Taylor @DTGuardian

Chief football writer for the Guardian and Observer. Highly informedparticularly with regards Manchester City and Unitedhighly informative and mixes serious journalistic prose with intelligent personal insights well.


Museum of Football @MueFootballHist 

An aggregate of some of the best football matches since the 1950's, Museum of Football hosts a wonderful catalogue of full games and extended highlights, with plenty to sink your teeth into. A fantastic resource.


Paulo Freitas @Cyngeticus

A major authority on Brazilian football, Paulo Freitas is also the country's Head Researcher for the Football Manager series, as well writing for various publications. Tremendous depth of knowledge and always on hand to answer questions regarding all things Brasileiro


notBigSam @TheBig_Sam

For humourmuch of it 18-plusnotBigSam is a hilarious parody account of the present West Ham United manager. Guaranteed to make you laugh in a way that you'd never tell your mother.


Let us know your thoughts and additions in the comments below.

And if you are indeed on a Twitter following spree, you can always follow myself, @AA_Richards, Bleacher Report UK, @br_uk and Bleacher Report Football, @br_football.


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