Dude Perfect Tackles Every Last Fantasy Football Owner Stereotype

We all have a little Rage Monster in us during the season. 

Seeing a lack of running backs on the waiver wire or wide receivers go down to injury is enough to have any fantasy football player kick over a perfectly good grill. 

With that, we have just one of the many stereotypical fantasy football owners presented by Dude Perfect (h/t Next Impulse Sports), a video troupe who have already given us a deeper look at golf bros and pickup basketball characters

Some of you are pulling a fantasy version of the Washington Redskins and just limped to an 0-3 record to start the season. 

Well, that just means it's a fantastic time to kick up your feet and take it easy. There's no need to take this faux football stuff so seriously. 

Instead, take this moment to consider who you might be in your own respective league. Some, like myself, tend to gravitate to an amalgamation of stereotypical behavior. 

I am that annoying cocktail of Lazy Coach, Rage Monster and Ridiculous Trader, which pretty much makes me the worst in any league. 

There is a special place in my heart for you Mr. Know-It-Alls who lose their minds the moment the season slips away from you at the hands of Mr. Auto Draft.

The guys did forget about the Reach Guy who loves to yell "Reach!" the moment you draft anyone, as well as the Invisible Man who vanishes immediately after the draft. You can guarantee the last activity on his account was the day after the draft. 

However, I think we can all agree that bye weeks and kickers continue to battle for the lead as the most annoying part of the fantasy football season. 

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