Bodybuilders Flee Event in Netherlands When Drug Testers Show Up

Tony ArnoldineCorrespondent IMay 19, 2009

Bodybuilders have used many tricks to pass and avoid drug tests throughout the years. Their latest effort; just running away.

When drug testers showed up at the Belgian championships, the contestants fled the stage.

"They must have felt safe out there," doping official Hans Cooman told the Associated Press on Monday.

But Cooman and two colleagues got the necessary papers to check the tournament in the Netherlands. And when they identified themselves just before the event—with the 20 bodybuilders weighing in and preparing themselves—the testers drew quite a response.

The bodybuilders got up and left, preferring to quit rather than submit to doping tests. Some grabbed their gear and headed straight out the door.

"They must have been flabbergasted," Cooman said.

If scurrying away like ants isn't an admission of guilt, then I don't know what is.