This Face-First Soccer Dive Probably Won't Catch on with Other Teams

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This is what happens when using your head goes horribly wrong. 

Yahoo! Sports' Brooks Peck (h/t Deadspin) happened upon this peculiar moment from the wonderful land of world football, where the players are apparently thinking outside the box for their tackles. 

As the report states, the play comes in the waning moments of a 0-0 game between Boca Juniors and Argentinos Juniors. 

Either exhaustion or the need to be creative set in for Argentinos Juniors midfielder Gaspar Iniguez, who decided to go full M. Bison on Boca's Cristian Erbes

Perhaps he had grown weary of the usual sliding tackle. Maybe he just wanted to see if going face first into someone's foot might work out for him. Whatever the reason, the only thing we can say for sure is that this ploy didn't exactly work out well for Iniguez

The report states that he lost three teeth when Erbes' foot connected with his face that was so politely presented on the ground, and he was also hit with a yellow card for the questionable tackle. 

Much like Deadspin's Barry Petchesky, we are at a complete loss as to why he would launch himself headfirst to the ground in an attempt to dispossess his opponent. 

There's a reason we haven't regularly seen this on the pitch. Using your head against someone's foot presumably yields undesirable results. 

Now, we know athletes from every sport continue to look for an edge, infusing their own game with the next best maneuver. However, something tells me this is the last we see of the rare face-first tackle. But hey, applause is in order for Iniguez attempting to start a new trend. 

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