Latest Updates on John Cena and Sheamus' Recovery from Injury for Sept. 23

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterSeptember 23, 2013

Photo: WWE
Photo: WWE

John Cena and Sheamus continued on their divergent paths to recovery from their injuries.

Sheamus is shaking hands and knocking back cold ones as his repaired shoulder heals. Cena, on the other hand, is charging toward his eventual return like a bull.

Remember the black tape that Cena sported on his right arm last fall? Cena posted of a shot of himself with a similar look on Sept. 17.

The athletic tape called SpiderTech may not be the coolest fashion statement, but it's a sign of how far Cena's recovery has come already. It wasn't long after fans saw Cena all taped up last year that he was battling CM Punk and Ryback for the WWE title at Survivor Series.

Should Cena repeat that pace, he'll beat his reported return date and make WWE officials incredibly happy.

Even with as much progress as he's making, Cena is clearly still hurt.

It sounds like he was overworking in rehab which comes as no surprise. Cena has exuded hunger since being out of action and his drive can either keep him ahead of schedule or cause him to suffer a setback.

WWE is already putting him back on the grind even if he's not ready to wrestle.

Cena can be an ambassador for WWE regardless of the health of his elbow. (Photo: WWE)
Cena can be an ambassador for WWE regardless of the health of his elbow. (Photo: WWE)

Cena is advertised for a European tour this November. Cena fans in Belgium, the United Kingdom and Germany shouldn't get too excited just yet, though. A fan from Nottingham, England, per, notes that Cena is only listed as making a "special appearance."

That likely means Cena will address the crowd, cut a promo, toss one of his T-shirts into the crowd and nothing more.

Money-wise, it's better to have the former WWE champ in a non-wrestling role than to not have him at all. He'll likely be excited to be back in front of big crowds, whereas Sheamus appears to be relishing his time away from the spotlight.

Sheamus continued to share his recovery status with his tongue planted firmly in his cheek.

He hasn't shown the gruesome shots of his post-surgery scars like Cena, but instead shown himself having a good time.

He recently attended the Comic-Con in Columbus, Ohio where he met Lou Ferrigno and Stan Lee.

With tweets like that or this one of him enjoying a beer in Florida, it's not the lack of sling and SpiderTech that is most important; it's his state of mind.

Sheamus doesn't seem to be as anxious to return as Cena, and this will likely lead to him being refreshed when he gets back. "The Celtic Warrior" was one of the hardest-working men on the roster, often leaving his matches with the marks on his body to prove it.

While Cena looks to speed up his recovery, Sheamus is using it to recharge.