Cena Gives the Big Show an Attitude Adjustment at Judgement Day

chipper smithCorrespondent IMay 18, 2009

Last night on Judgement Day, John Cena proved that he was the bigger and better wrestler. At first it didn't appear that way.

You could tell that John Cena wasn't 100 percent hisself. He still looked a little wobbley and not as quick but he survived. You have to admit that Cena has a lot of heart, respects his peers, gives his fans his all, does what he can for charities and kids, people less fortunate than himself.

At the opening bell, John and Show were just feeling each other out, sizing each other up and down. John was trying to get the feel of things. He wasn't trying to get too close to the big guy.

They circled around each other for a few minutes, the Show smiling like a chestshire cat. Cena being very careful and cautious, not wanting to give Show the upper hand. At this point in the match, Show was playing with John.Taunting him, waiting for him to make a mistake.

The inevitable happened, Show got his hands on John and tried to dissect him in the squared circle. He wanted revenge because Cena costed him a contender's match for Randy Orton's belt at Judgement Day.

At Backlash Show choked slammed into a 7000 watt searchlight and costed Cena his championship belt that went to Edge. It was a last man standing match. John couldn't stand up for the 10 count.

So John retaliated and Show lost his chance to go to face Randy Orton for the belt. Tit for tat. Batista went against Orton instead but thats another story.

Slowly but surely Cena was regaining his composure. Eventually John got his own way and hit his leg with a shoulder block and the giant went down. Twice he tried to clamp on the STF but couln't get his arms around Shows head because he is too tall, even laying down.

He never gave up, never quit, and even though it seemed the odds were stacked against him in the beginning he prevailed.

John picked up Show and gave him the Attitude Adjuster. Cena walked in that ring broken and beaten and left that ring a winner.