LSU Head Coach Les Miles May Have Committed NCAA Recruiting Violation

Brian LeighFeatured ColumnistSeptember 23, 2013

Photo Credit: 247Sports
Photo Credit: 247Sports

LSU landed a commitment from Class of 2017 in linebacker Dylan Moses—the 15-year-old who appeared on the cover of ESPN Magazine—on Sunday, but by commenting in too much depth on that topic, head coach Les Miles might have committed a small NCAA violation.

On Monday, speaking to a room full of reporters, Miles was asked indirectly about Moses. According to Michael Carvell of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

When Miles was asked about the freshman phenom by reporters on Monday, the coach responded, “Certain guys (have) ability to evaluated as youngsters … I’ve watched him in certain games and he’s got all the right stuff. Certain ninth-graders can develop quickly.”

Even though Miles didn’t directly say Dylan Moses’ name, he made it pretty clear who he was talking about ("I’ve watched him in certain games and he’s got all the right stuff. Certain ninth-graders ..."). And Miles did it in a room full of reporters.

Per the report, when coaches are recruiting a student-athlete, they are merely allowed to confirm that they are doing so. Going into any further depth is technically, by letter of the law, impermissible.

And even though he didn't mention Moses by name, it's pretty clear that's what Miles was doing.

Still, even if Miles did commit an infraction, it would be a minor one with little-to-no real repercussions. Carvell speculates (confidently) that it will have no impact on LSU's recruitment of Moses, which is good news in Baton Rogue.

In addition to LSU, Moses, while in middle school, also received offers Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Ole Miss, Texas and UCLA, according to 247Sports.

The Class of 2017 rankings aren't out yet—its prospects are currently just high-school freshmen—but barring something unforeseen, Moses should be one of its top two or three players.

Four years is a long time to wait, but so long as he doesn't waver from his commitment, LSU fans will be lucky to watch Moses play.