The Washington Post Blasts Robert Griffin III with 'RG 0-3' Nickname

Gabe ZaldivarSenior Writer IIMarch 7, 2017

Here's a Robert Griffin III quip with a shelf life of about a week. 

As Black Sports Online notes, The Washington Post glossed the beloved Redskins quarterback with a new moniker that will last at least until next Sunday when Washington takes on the Oakland Raiders.

Photo Credit: The Washington Post (via Black Sports Online)
Photo Credit: The Washington Post (via Black Sports Online)

So much for the unstoppable and immovable force that was RG3. 

The usual amount of scapegoating and finger-pointing is taking place, as a team many thought would take another step in the right direction in 2013 has stumbled and bumbled out of the gate. 

The team came back but ultimately lost in Week 1 to the Philadelphia Eagles, dropped a laugher to the Packers the next week and then on Sunday saw their record tumble to 0-3 against the Detroit Lions. 

Well, it's all Griffin's fault. 

At least, that's the headline going forward. The man who was lauded with such praise for coming back swiftly from a horrible knee injury to make opening day saw some fans ditch the bandwagon for the likes of Kirk Cousins

And now the local fish wrap is tying together the last three weeks of failure with a chuckle and a gift for fans who love to give the QB a hard time: RG 0-3. 

When you are winning, the NFL season is a marathon with a postseason that can't get here soon enough. When the losses pile up, the season seems far more like a sprint to the finish, every mistake and loss amplified tenfold. 

So we understand how Griffin is getting the immense portion of the scrutiny and the obvious nicknames at the moment. 

LANDOVER, MD - SEPTEMBER 22:  Robert Griffin III #10 of the Washington Redskins fumbles the ball in the fourth quarter against the Detroit Lions at FedExField on September 22, 2013 in Landover, Maryland.  (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)
Greg Fiume/Getty Images

As The Washington Post's Kent Babb notes, he looked far more versatile and swift on his feet on Sunday, but he still passed more than we saw him do last season. 

For the third consecutive week, Griffin threw at least 40 passes. Against the Lions, he threw a career-high 50. Even during the darkest days of 2012, when Washington started 3-6, Griffin never attempted more than 39 passes. Through less than a fifth of the season, Griffin is on pace to attempt 741 passes (which would be an NFL record), throw 21 interceptions (he had five in 2012) and rush for less than half his 815 yards as a rookie.

The telling portion of Babb's column is a sentiment echoed by a cringing Redskins fanbase. "He is simply not the quarterback he was as a rookie. He’s not as quick, his decisions are often made too late and his passes lack consistent accuracy."

Perhaps a little calm is in order throughout Redskins nation. The kid is eight months removed from an awful injury. 

LANDOVER, MD - SEPTEMBER 22:  Quarterback Robert Griffin III #10 of the Washington Redskins warms up before playing a game against the Detroit Lions at FedExField on September 22, 2013 in Landover, Maryland.  (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)
Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

While we agree with the likes of ESPN's Johnette Howard, who offers that rushing RG3 back to start the season may not have been the best of ideas, Griffin hasn't been all bad. 

His 975 yards passing is good for fourth in the NFL, and his ability and willingness to move with the ball seems to be improving. 

Not that he can help a defense that has given up about 333 passing yards per game (No. 30) and 155 yards on the ground (No. 31). 

It's not all doom and gloom, and it's certainly not all RG3. 

Still, that will hardly take the media bull's-eye off Griffin, and it will hardly negate all the obvious nicknames surrounding the team's troubles. 

Maybe next week his knee is as stout as it was last year and his comfort level in running the offense returns. If that's the case, get your RG 0-3 blasts in while they last. 


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